Compromise to the squad carousel changes

the issue is that it is the easy button as the out of all the sqauds in game the assaulter squad, flamer squad and para-drop squad are the “most OP” all the other kinds of squads are mid or bottom

assaulter are the smg spamming squad that can destroy tanks and build rallys and still have 4 smgs + auto rifles like the m2 carbine, avs or fg42, but by removing the assaulter squads engineer slot and AT slot you would really hamper their usefulness

with the flamer squads also have engineers and AT and again i would remove them and also cut the size of the squad to either four or five, forcing players to try and conserve the squad due to how small it is

and with paradrop squad, it should have never been added and should be strongly nerfed into the ground by

  • not allowing the drop to happen with in 50 meters of the point
  • reducing the speed that they fall to the ground and parachute from the moment they leave the plane, just like RL
  • removing the ability to choose gear for the box and instead spawn with limited ammo and the box has the rest of the ammo

this is actually brilliant,

all these classes are for close quarter assaults, NOT for support which imo engineers are there for, this would separate assaulting classes and support classes BIG LINE.

it’s truth, assaulting classes are way too versatile. What are you gonna do without rally point as assaulter class? you’re not gonna do so well, you NEED to have SUPPORT with you!

for paratroopers though I’d suggest that the plane should come longer way in, so fighters can get them, AA guns, and also can be killed mid drop. This is enough of a sacrefice imo.

i agree with this though,

even before paratroopers were added, i knew they will be added at some point, i imagined how cool it will be, but guess what :clown_face: paratroopers doesn’t make ANY sense right now.

the only problem I see here is…
are we gonna remove engineers from prem assaulting squads tho? :shushing_face::shushing_face:

I sniff people will get SO MAD.

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i would as premium weapons often fly under the rader when blanket nerfs happen and i fucking love it when people get mad

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There is nothing wrong with the restrictions they want to implement, and if anything they should go further and make it to where you can only bring 1 squad per class.

They should also restrict certain soldiers to certain squads, much like how Flame Troopers are only in Flamethrower Squad.

this would hurt the game even more and would then also make buying extra squad slots even more pointless
if i want to run my 3 rifle squads with two lmg squads as cover i woudl be able to

They already have its only 2

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this thread made me think differently, you want 3 assaulters? 3 flamers? etc. there you go, but keep in mind you’re not able to put rally points, and if you happen to have bad teammates you’re gonna do shit about it. Fair enough imo.

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dont forget reduced squad size, you will be respawning alot more

reduction of squad size isn’t neccesery imo, if you happen to have good teammates, which gonna support the game, you’re allowed to bring squad that will do the job.

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the problem with the flamer squad is that people will have the 2 flamers they use to clear the point untill they die then they will run in with the other five guys with high tier weapons and since the flamers killed themselves to clear the point there is no more
but reducing the squad size you are making this suicide tactic less viable

ah, whatever,

this wouldn’t make flamers anyhow worse anyway, so idc really.


i have strong feeling, that community is on their way to disagree with this post as much as they can,
players love the versatile of assaulters/flamers no doubt. But i think this is perfect trade-off.

it would make the flamers more or less useless as a squad and only make them good for clearing a point not keeping it

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Ehh, how about no to the assault squad nerfs? We’ll just have some other meta squad then - like 9man m2/fg/avt squad that you’ll be begging for a nerf to in 3 months.

I think restriction to 2 is good enough.

Also disagree with the last proposed para change. Others are needed.