Combat notes: Fighting armored vehicles

We keep sharing tips on the various game mechanics of Enlisted. Today we’ll try to teach you how to properly fight tanks with infantry.


Nice!!! Id just add that AT rifles are very effective against ammo racks…usually 1- 2 shots and boom!!..with the added advantage, the tanker wont lose any crew, so he wont feel the need to move :smiley:

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Duh, just flank bruh.

A tip for all tankers terrified by the footage, stay in inside the greyzone or next to friendly infantry.


Nice video, well explained, just one thing missing, infantry support might have been good to mention, because currently tanks usually sit back and don’t push, with inf support they can.

Keep up good work! :+1:

overall really nice altho i have one thing i would say that whole explosive pack at the track trick sometime wont explode the tank so it better to throw it at those 2 spot ( under tank and behind turret) anyway at least now i can understand AT launcher better now

Ok, so how to fight a tank with infantry when it’s grayzone camping? (without plane or tank/at launcher that could pen it?)

AT guns are pretty good. I recommend always having one Engineer squad in your lineup incase of enemy tank or aircraft spam.

well, not all guns can pen hvy tonks, I just always try to take plane for that grayzoning issue - but thats not always and not every team

Then quit or do something else where the tank isn´t. Nodody is forcing you to play a round that´s not fun. Not every round has a tank greyzone camping.

Either build an anti tank gun or ping it and hope your team deals with it.
The alternative is hope there will be a solution implemented to this at some point, like pausing the out of the battlefield timer if you move towards an enemy tank or a major map rework, that removes grayzone tanking spots.

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Don’t encourage them.

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Nice guide, I think this will be really helpful for the new players, I even learned a thing or two.

Play Agressively and suppress everything in your path if you have the speed to do so

and be blacklisted by both teams