Changing stats for planes in Enlisted

What are the consequences of adjusting every single plane in Enlisted to their real-life stats?

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soviet and japanese dominance as they had superior low-mid altitude aircraft.


idk, but like everything else (guns, tanks) the stats have been adjusted at least somewhat to create balance. I am sure such changes would significantly mess with the balance we have at the moment.

No, my friend, they have air ascendancy in the skies. It looks grim for American and German planes if this were to happen :skull:

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most plane stats seem to be taken directly from WT realistic/simulator, thus they are adjusted to real-life stats.
there are two main differences: 1) they are heavier in enlisted (probably because of too much fuel); 2) you never get to reference value because updates are broken.
there are just some planes that seem to be improved compared to WT: ki-61, il-2M iirc. also i think they put low fuel in yak-1.

Are you sure? It doesn’t look like most of the planes have the same turn time.

because of the two main differences i just mentioned, i guess. keep in mind that since planes have different ranges, full fuel/heavier plane affects planes differently. a short range bf-109 will be less affected than a long range p-51 and so on. and i also mentioned that there are some outlier planes, afaik ki-61 and il-2m, that have a tighter continuous turn.

Does War Thunder take into account altitude above sea level? This will affect maneuverability in real life, and maybe Enlisted doesn’t have that.