Change default Jpanese AT Gunner's mine

“anti tank impact mine Ni-05” is not realistc as for default(WW2 entire period). This is like VG-1 on Germany.
There is no record of planned production before 1945.5.10¹. IJA reported that it’s effective², but such report is “1945.3.29”(battle of Philippines 1.16~).
²戦訓特報第44号 「ルソン」島作戦に於ける教訓並に経過の概要
You should implement these instead: “Type 99 Armor-Penetration Land Mine”(99式破甲爆雷)/“Type 3 Conical Antitank Hand Grenade”(3式手投爆雷)/and other

I’m Japanese, and I know that kamikaze is treated as a symbol in other countries, but to be honest, I’m annoyed that it’s the general one.


I forgot, damn Ni-05 needs to be removed from the icon. Please respect Japanese people instead of BF5.

I wasn’t expecting anything, but I hope they at least rewrite the unit badges.
Ni-05 is nothing to be proud of. Whoever wants to make a suicide weapon a unit badge?

In the first place, why they keep use very strange weird name?
What’s the “Ni-05” lol


Since the official name of the Japanese improvised explosive device is unknown, Ni-XX appears to be a provisional code name given to it by Western intelligence agencies and military researchers. Well, yeah, it’s not historically accurate.

  • Friction-Fuze Land Mine Ni 01
  • Pressure and Traction Land Mine Ni 02
  • Improvised Land Mine Ni 03
  • Hemispherical Antitank Land Mine Ni 04
  • Lunge Mine Ni 05
    Source 1

As for “lunge mine”, this designation seems to be correct in English, since the document containing the Japanese designation was translated by US intelligence.

Source 2