Carriers don't seem to wanna work

i was in a pacific game and i was using the A-20 from Normandy and i noticed that the icon for the Carriers wasn’t present, after getting shot at i tried to land on it and noticed that it also didn’t work. Is this intended or did they just forget to make the Carriers work with non Pacific aircrafts?

I mean…you tell me how to land a non-carrier based aircraft on a carrier and even then if you land how are you gonna take off in such small runway? Is probably intended

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It is possible to take off with an A-20 from a carrier.
But you need to steer left while taxiing or else the right wing will hit the cabin of the ship.
Thats why they spawn in the air now, not from the carrier.
I am not sure about landing.
Before the merge of disaster, any plane that was spawned in the air could still land on a carrier for repair.
And the carriers were always visible, also for non pacific planes.

How it works now…nobody knows…

It’s intentional yep

Cause it’s not a carrier-base aircraft. That’s it.

in that case would it make sense to implement an alterante way to repair non pacific aircrafts or are non pacific aircrafts just doomed to suck buns for not being from pacific?

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