Can't set to "high priority" for enlisted so i can't play

So, Easy-AC is blocking me from setting enlisted to high-priority in the windows task manager. Is there any way around this? Because my enlisted is set constantly to low priority and the game is unplayable with 2 frames per second. I need help since I’m grinding for the Fg 42 II and I effectively can’t play enlisted. Please help.


There is currently a bug causing some players to get unplayable frames per second.
So you will need to wait for dev to fix it.

If you are using an integrated video card, then it’s a known issue and devs are working on it. If not, please make a report on the CBR about it (Community Bug Reporting System) with .clog and dxdiag (hardware info).

New patch just drop so issue should be fixed

Nope stil don’t work.

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What doesn’t work ?

setting enlisted to high-priority in the windows task manager

If im not mistaken it is prevented by EasyAntiCheat software i could be wrong though