Cannot Research Next Weapon

I can’t figure out how to post the image, but the game is telling me that “Completed Research Tier #1 is Required”… Even though I have EVERY weapon already purchased previous to the Type 99 rifle (late).

I even bought every weapon twice just to make sure. But I still cannot even begin the research. Is that is then? Is Japan stuck forever at Tier 1?

You probably can’t attach images as new user, but it won’t be necessary here :wink:
Thing is, You need to research some (6?) DIFFERENT weapons/vehicles to unlock next tier. You went down rifle line, so probably You’ve got 3/6 or 4/6 (don’t remember but its stated above Your current tier.
Now You need to research or unlock some tank, SMG or something else to have those 6 techs total. Then You’ll be able to research second tier.

Check the foldered rifles.
It is possible that you have missed a weapon you need to unlock due to the confusing UI.
Its always the top weapon you need to have researched and purchased in order purchase the next in line.

Alternatively check the colour of progression lines, items you didn’t purchase yet should be yellow.

You can skip foldered weapons. They’re not mandatory for progression.

I believe the problem is he doesn’t have enough Tier 1 weapons/vehicles. You need at least 9 weapons/vehicles to unlock tier 2 research.

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Ohhhhh. Okay. See, I didn’t know that. Honestly the game should tell us that, because all I saw was the line leading to the next weapon. I have quite a lot unlocked for Tier 1, but I suppose it’s not enough yet. Thank you Adamnpee