Can I get payback or replace another squad for me pls

I purchased M3 middle tank which is most expensive vehicle in Battle of Moscow. it actually worth the price on that time.

however with the new version coming, we have to face more advanced warfare, and my M3 tank just like a toy, it even removed from research tree lol.

So why I spend money on that, even free tank better than it, I sincerely hope that the game production team will consider this issue, it makes my friend and I feel really bad.

thank you

M3 is still very powerful tank. It’s BR2 and you’ll end facing literally the same stuff like you did before - Panzers IV with long 7,5cm at worst.

I do myself still using it in my BR2 setup.


Dude, I’m not sure r u in the Tier 5, The M3 is completely unbeatable against Tier 5 German tanks.
My point is I pay the most expensive price to buy this tank, it means I’d like to spend money on the most powerful tank, and now it just OK or better than some Tier 3 tanks.

M3 medium is battle rating 2 tank. Meaning you can face only BRs 1-3.

You shouldn’t use this tank in any higher BR.

u r right man, however after updating, I’m in tier 5 although I only have a rifle in tier 5 lol

Check if the tank crew has a high BR SMG; maybe that’s why you get uptiert.