Can a Panzer IV F2 frontally pen an M4A2 Sherman?

I know this is a weird question but with the merge coming, I was wondering if a Panzer IV F2 could pen a M4A2, reason for my question is I love the look of the “1233” battle pass panzer in Stalingrad and wanted to buy it for the when the merge occurs but was wondering if it’ll be able to contend with the M4A2. Like I said, weird question.

Yes since it uses the same gun as the Ausf. G, H and J


Yeah, he’s killing it in silhouette

This is true.

This isn’t true.

It has L43 which is shorter than L48


Sheesh you got me on that one.
The L48 has like 8mm better penetration. It´s the same gun firing the same ammunition except a little longer barrel.


That’s how long my pp is, so it mean very significant difference to me.


Well the improtant thing is how you use it afterall. The rear of the engine deck is always a good start no matter the length.


Every inch counts

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Easily. At least it should. I must admit I havent really shot at many shermans with 75mm long (mostly fight soviets)…And when I do fight allies its nearly always jumbos.

However I have been killing “Jumbos” with the Panzer IIIM 50mm long so should be no problem for the 75mm long.

also have been killing shermans in Tunisia with the Italian 47mm (stock Crew), so should be no problem.

Teach me your ways, I really wanted to buy the tank but I was scared it’s 50 mm wouldn’t be able to handle bigger Allied tanks.

Just gotta squeeze it through the MG port. other option is Barrel, track and flank…but MG port works just fine.

Panzer III M can take a few hits with angling, its pretty resilient (Tiger junior), and it will probably be Lower BR than Jumbo post merge so (shouldnt be its primary oponent like it is now). specualtion of course.

…And its sexy…


I’d not say it would be easy, but still manageable. however we all know that mod.44 allied mediums are quite better than any pz4

Most sexy is that detailed graphics omg

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Enlisted has BR? that has to be a joke. When all i had was the M5A1 light tank, i would get one shot by Tiger E heavy tanks and Panther medium tanks. One of my most recent matches had 2 Tiger E tanks spawned in at the same time.

I was in a M4A2 and i got a lucky shot into the side of the Tiger that didn’t notice me, it was lucky because it hit ammo and ammo-racked him and then i proceeded to take a single Tiger shell through my front plate and died instantly.

Even in War Thunder, the BR is done so that doesn’t happen. Also, if we are speaking realism, the long barrel Panzer IV will make swiss cheese out of M4A2s as long as the shot doesn’t bounce. Even in War Thunder, the M4A3105 used to be an amazing tank to brawl with at low tier, but since it got bumped up to PnzIV BR, it gets one shot easily as the PnzIV has more than enough pen to go through the front plate and that is the M4A3 so it will have an easy time with the M4A2.

If anything, the M4A3E8 has the better chance in a brawl as the E8 is actually a heavy tank, same barrel as the early M4s but the armor profile is better. Even ingame Enlisted, the E8 still has that angled bunker ability to bounce shells from two angles. E8 Jumbo would do a hell of a lot better than the M4A2.

Personally, i dont think Enlisted has BR at all. Its such a cluster f*ck. Not to mention that your team can be a pain in the ass to work with, i always spot tanks that i see, my team…not so much.

If im a tank, i usually just stumble across them at random because my team couldn’t be assed to scout them. Its all fun and games till they screw you over just so they can get another kill.

The least clueless player of Enlisted.


Old thread. In anticipation of the BR system being added.

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The M4A3E8 is not a heavy tank. Its a newer Sherman with a different suspension system and slight redesigns here and there
The armor is the same as the M4A2
M4A3E2 is the heavy tank version of the Sherman
Colloquially known as the Jumbo

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Correct, my bad. I mixed up the numbers as i usually refer to E8 as Easy Eight, E2 is the short barrel, E8 is the long barrel. Jumbo is the M4A3E2.

Also, i decided to try the new Paratroopers squad, good options however they lack quality. Like for example, i have had many matches that saw Konigstigers spawned in and only today after trying to kill a Panther and failing, i decided to see what the Bazooka they get is and it is the M1 Bazooka, which has a measly 60mm of pen. That isn’t touching a Tiger or even a King Tiger. The M9 Bazooka has 110mm of pen which is much better for tank hunting, and since the Paratroopers are a Rank V squad, its a bit off that they get the M1 and not the M9. The same with snipers and LMGs. Its as if the packs you can get from the supplies are the basics of those themes, the sniper is the same as the first one you can use, the LMG is the first version of the Browning LMG. I think it would be better if you can alter the supply box classes, keep them the same but with the new unlocking system, the classes give the highest quality weapons that you have unlocked so if i unlock the M9 (which i started recently) it would replace the M1 that is usually given from the supply box.