Can a Japanese Tigger tank come out later?

Can Japanese Tigger tanks come out like the Sherman tanks of the Soviet Union?


Never made it to Japan.

Japan bought them but Germany had no way to ship it to them at the time.

Shermans, Lees did make it to the USSR.
same with thompson, M1 and the like.


I would rather see Chi-to and Chi-ri in pacific, Japanese tiger never be shipped to pacific.


A lot of the dtuff in the game never actually saw combat…who care Japanese Tiger would be cool

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Japan got it or not doesn’t matter. Many of things in this game shouldn’t be where they are if we go with that favoritism excuse.

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Japan got two atomic bombs, add them to the game?


…Nuke mechanic from Warthunder gets added.


Damn I’m looking forward Japanese Tiger and British Centurion fighting over Guadalcanal, that would be so representative of WW2.

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i mean japan did allegedly receive the panzer 3s so that could be an event vehicle though as other said we should get the chi-ri and chi-tos in the TT


it be a nice premium squad but id rather have the O-I

rather see that in a India campaign and yes i mean Campaign its better to have choice

I’m not sure Japan should have Tiger at all. It would be an interesting what if (Heavy Tank No. 6 from WT and WOT).
Japan did buy 1 Tiger I Ausf. E in 1944. It was to be disassembled and loaded into submarine for delivery but due to Allied naval blockade, it was simply impossible for it to be delivered to their homeland. They, instead, loaned it to the Wehrmacht where it was used by 101st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion.


No tiger.

This thing isnt quite a Tiger but its bloody good fun. Prototype door is open

Chi-Ri II


I really don’t think it is needed. I would rather see blueprint Japanese tanks. It’s pretty much similarly unrealistic, but the faction will keep its uniqueness.

I am not fan of adding pure copy pasted stuff to other factions (unless it’s german KV-2 jk). And especially since tiger is the most famous vehicle of certain vehicle.
Making german poster boy available for different faction is just meh.


Let’s add Gojira as well(⁠☞゚⁠ヮ゚⁠)⁠☞(⁠☞゚⁠ヮ゚⁠)⁠☞


nah that is post war with castle bravo happening in the 50s

Lol Enola Gay premium squad when?

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There were supposedly Giants that ate japanese soldiers on Guadalcanal. Lets add them too

He was the most lethal tank in the War.


It would get messy and really immersion breaking since everybody would use it and nothing else once they got it. There would literally be no reason to use anything else, which is never a good situation