Call of duty 2 + Hidden & Dangerous 2 sound mod

In this mod i have replaced Enlisted themes with two Cod 2 songs, one is shorter (“To Victory!”) and should play first and then another one that is much longer (“Across the Rine”).

Victory and Defeat themes are replaced with ones found in Hidden & Dangerous 2 (couldn’t resist that Cello sounds so good) and since i couldn’t fit any song from cod that would fit similar theme and would last for only a few seconds.

Battlestart themes are not changed since i couldn’t find anything that would sound better and as energetic that themes we already have in a game (so good job Darkflow)


Version with a longer theme (“Comrade Sniper”) instead (“To Victory!”) total duration of 6min 40sec.

Well…Bf I or Bf V match-starting themes would be nice I think but don’t know if that’s doable.
Or some Bf I and V menu themes swap…oh boi…even those Cod1&2 or… Brother in Arms Hill30

Either way nice to see smth like that what u did.

Anyway Enlisted has deacent soundtrack too.

They would take a lot of time since most battle-start themes in enlisted last only 15-24secs and i would need to cut themes from other games. Another problem is audio quality if it’s inferior to Enlisted like with cod2 main menu theme then why bother? And in a lot of games those round start themes doesn’t exist and i doubt anyone want audio from cod ww2 lol.

That’s definitely doable i could try bf1 theme and another song (because game switches between both at random) from ost as new mod tomorrow. I will def add this theme as the battle start theme. There are 5 of those themes by default in Enlisted so i dunno if i should replicate them 5 times or try battle start themes from another games.

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Lower quality older game themes for nostalgia lol :sweat_smile:

Sweet, I’m curious what community will come up with

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