Browning W.A.R

I’m not quite sure what the rationality is of offering the Browning W.A.R as a BP weapon at level 3 when you can get 3 different variations of the Browning 1918 through the tech tree. I love the Browning 1918A2, and it is far superior to the WAR at level 3, but the WAR would be a great level 2 gun. I do own one WAR as last year I wanted to see the difference, but it is a complete waste of money to buy it as a level 3 gun.


I got it just because of W.A.R


Well, after my 9th straight game being seal clubbed between my US and German squads, i am not sure it would make a difference. :rofl: I think at this point only possessing the A bomb is going to help. Funny thing is that two of my daily objectives were to win two matches, which usually is easy. :rofl:

Now we talking!
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I mean the W.A.R is cooler in terms of look imo but function wise it seems the same to me but I like both anyway

Isnt w.a.r winchester auto rifle and not browning? Also gold orders are meant to be cool and unique instead of better than tech tree guns


LOL :rofl: Just was seal clubbed for my 10th consecutive game. I am working my way down from Captain to Private mighty quickly. :rofl:

It is basically the same gun as the Browning and the German / Japanese 1930 FN BP guns. If I buy from BP it is in the hopes that I can find a better gun (for myself) then they offer in the tech tree, and the WAR is not a as good as the Browning’s you can get for free at the same level IMOP. I did buy the German 1930 FN and I like it because I am used to the 1918 Brownings, but I think it should be a BR2 level as well because it doesn’t make sense to use it when you can use the MG34. However, if the WAR and the 1930 FN were BR 2, I would use them over the BR 2 machine guns provided for both the allies and the Germans, although I do like the Breda 30 for the Germans.

I have 2, just for the cool name.
“Killed by warhead with WAR” lol


Also its appreance is unique. I love how it looks

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But thats not the point of gold orders. They are not supposed to replace their tt counterparts. Fn and w.a.r would be way too good for br 2