Broken FW 189

Wtf is this…
Its three man plane and I cannot add the third man in to it.

And now when i changed the plane on this squad I cannot even add FW 189 Back.
I cant use the plane now at all.

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This squad no longer uses this plane.
The Tech Tree Attacker Pilot III (III./KG 3) and the legacy Attacker Pilot II squad (I.StG77) use it.

Sure… They don’t use “it”.
And this unit cannot add three man into anything even they someday could use the plane.

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Same issue with the battlepass T50, can’t put 4 crew members, the limit is 3 for some reason and it’s in another squad than the normal T50… just delete the veichle from the squad if it can’t be used and move it to a squad where it can be playable. Rn thech tree it’s far from intuitive, there are tons of bugs and i can’t understand why you haven’t done new server tests.