Bristish 20 mm Polstine AA gun Picture

Does anyone have a Picture on a manned British 20 m Posliten AA gun that I can see? I cant take a third person view of one myself, at least I don’t know how to?

You cant make it with the replay?


Sure, you dont use it?

No, what, how, why?

You can see a super cool replay from all angles and players using the replay system.
Your battles and of others.

Thanks, but how do I use it, enable it, whats the command?

On pc, download the replay file into the gamefolder and watch the replay in the game.

I am after a third person view, will that provide it ?


But there is a bug in the replay system, in 3rd person it will show the AA unmanned while it was actually manned.
Like so:

How to fix this, is look at the AA not from your view, but from an AI in your squad or even from anybody else’s view.
Then you will see the AA manned.

BTW same bug in replay with HMG, same fix.

It looks like the sight does not move with the gun, vertically?

I wouldnt know if it’s supposed to or not.

Ya, it’s supposed to, and TY for your help

Makes sense. YW