Breaking Dead event wave info

Use this thread for info on Breaking Dead event.

Wave 25 has tank

After wave 10 there is giant and paratroopers.

Please add so we can get a list of what each wave adds


I think it’s the 12th with the “don’t look up” that spawns for the first time the paratroopers and after that one is the giant? Didn’t go past the 21st so can’t really add much besides that.

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resupply costs for some weapons
akm 47 110
beretta m31 30
browning m1919a6 380
colt swartz 20
dp27 290
fg-42 120
m1 garand 30
m2 flamethrower 170
m1911 colt 10
mondragon m1908 110
mosin_m38 20
nagant_m1895 10
nambu type 2 40
nambu type A sword pistol 10
RMN-50 220
pps-42 40
ppsh-41 140
ptrs-41 240
stg-44 gold 110
stg-44 110
mp-40 40
thompson m1928a1 50-drum gold 130
ubermauser c96 250
winchester model 1912 50


RMN is there? Nice, didn’t get it yet

Wave 10 is the first eclipse
Wave 11 adds strumpistole zombies
Wave 13 drops paratroopers
Wave 15 is a giant
Wave 20 is the 2nd eclipse
Wave 25 is 2 tanks
Wave 30 is the 3rd eclipse
Wave 35 is 2 giant shield zombies
Wave 40 is the 4th eclipse
Wave 45 is 3 giant moto zombies
Wave 50 is another eclipse
Wave 55 is 4 giant spitfire nose zombies
After that it repeats


like, what sort of tank.

do you have a pic?

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Zombified panzer 4 J’s


actual AI TANKS=!=!=!=!=!=!==! ???

looks like i have something to do.

thanks for letting me know.


dam that beautiful

AI Tanks??? Awesome

Will it end after wave 55?


What does the eclipse do?

It makes the map way darker


Which is funny as i can see better at night


Except paratroopers)

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The glowin eyes give them away, would honestly prefer mainly night maps for better visibility

Damn, I don’t know why developers can create such an advanced game mode every year, but limit it to one week only.

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It removes the volumetric fog through which you can’t see anything so it’s way easier to see lol

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Shame there aren’t more semi auto guns
or that you can’t buy ammo bag upgrade