Bots dont move even if navmesh is made and there is capture point

The bots refuse to move even if the battle area is made, navmesh works and they have zone to attack. I am out of ideas and help would be appreciated

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Is the mission outside the infantry area of the map?


It is at the corner but no its not.
Also the entire place has navmesh

Now i also noticed that the bots start moving towards the objective at start but in the middle of the game they completely stop doing anything

navmesh works/or more like doesn’t work in mysterious ways…

ATM no idea.

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So there is nothing i can do? That sucks lot.

I can’t really help by looking at pictures. If you want, you can send me the scene.blk.

My internet is very bad rn and i cant upload anything yet. I will send it when i can


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Check your spawning in teams properties to allow more.AI generates more soldiers but in mid game spawns could be depleted, stopping them to enter into nav. Not sure!