Bots become invisible in my mod

I put the bot count to 8 and all of the bots were invisible. I could hear them and i saw them opening doors but there were no sights of them on the map. I also got killed by invisible enemy bots. This is strange because my mod worked well in the editor

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Also another problem with same map:

When i try to respawn it leaves me here and doesnt let me respawn

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you were changed something in entitesblk?


No. I fixed the problem by removing stuff. I guess the mod was too data heavy

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well, general rule of thumb,

double check doors and windows.

because when you prefab them, you have both the functional door / window plus underneath a rendinst.

so it’s best if you remove them.

at least, i usually leave the rendinst as windows, and functional doors as doors.

while remove the working windows and rendinsts doors.


side note, i’m playing your map, but AI keep dying from gray area.

granted, it might not have been designed to be played against AI, but still.

met resistance at two points, and then nothing.

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I dont know why they do that. Same problem happens with my other mods but i have generated navmesh so they should work. Are you playing the older version or the newer version?

the one with " fixed " writted on it

Really odd. I think the bots might get stuck on the spawn. This has happened in all of my latest mods. The bots start moving towards the objective at the start but then in the middle of the game they just stop moving completely

additional… issue.

the match once germans runs out of reinforcements… don’t end:

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How can i fix that? I have never seen that happening

the team score ratio and score penalty don’t match perhaps.

nvm it’s not an invasion…

welp… have no idea either.

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Well thanks for the feedback! I will try to fix it when i have time

Pls send scene in private messages.

Probably some team properties? Looking to another scene… You have:
team__failEndTime with -1.


I will send it when i get home

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