Big Update

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In this update we have added several missions in the Battle of Moscow and Invasion of Normandy campaigns, as well as implementing many of your requests and improvements.

The way AI-soldiers detect enemies has been thoroughly reworked. Now they will rely more on hearing enemies on their flanks and from behind, and will be much less effective at spotting hidden enemies.

Mobile rally points will no longer be breakable by allies and respawning at those points will not grant immunity anymore. You will also not be able to aim while jumping.

Many bugs have been fixed, including damage models for vehicles and secondary shrapnel damage to modules after a successful penetration.

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  • The “Vysokovo Village (Assault)” mission in the Battle of Moscow campaign has been added back into rotation.
  • A new version of the mission “Le Bre (Invasion)” in the Invasion of Normandy campaign, has been added, in which allies are attacking.


  • You will no longer be able to drop special items and weapons, like the engineer’s hammer.


  • AI-soldiers no longer prevent players from building anymore.
  • Improved system of AI-soldier enemy detection:
    • AI will be less effective at detecting enemies from behind and from flanks, if they do not shoot. This should make their behaviour more realistic, and allow for greater efficiency in flanking maneuvers.
    • Sounds will affect the chance of being detected by AI much more. If the target does not move and does not shoot - it will have a low chance of being detected if not in direct sight.
    • Reduced AI alertness for crouching and crawling players over long distances.


  • Bronze orders for logistics are no longer awarded for completing battle tasks. You can now obtain them for every 3000 campaign experience points earned, orders for weapons and for troops are granted in turns.
  • The amount of battle tasks each player can complete per day is limited to 9 with the Elite Battle Pass, and to 3 without.
  • Battle Pass: added ability to skip levels and get battle pass rewards for ingame gold. Price of each skip depends on the amount of levels already skipped:
    • First 14 skips cost 45 gold each,
    • From15-th skip and till the 21-st skip - 75 gold each,
    • From 22-nd skip till the 28-th skip - 125 gold each,
    • From 29-th skip and above - 175 gold each.


  • Added new effects for tank shell penetrations when hitting different objects.
  • Added visual effects for tank and machine gun hits to different objects.
  • Added reloading animation for the M2 Hyde.


The debriefing menu will now display the campaign experience gained from each squad and the premium account effect on gained experience.

  • The camera direction marker in transports is now more visible.
  • Now you can remove a marker by clicking on it again.
  • If a player earned a Battle Hero badge, it will be shown on all squads in the debriefing.
  • Added a star animation when a new soldier is delivered.
  • Added an ammo image in the menu.
  • Battle task progress can now be checked in battle.
  • When trying to use an enemy’s supply crate, you will now see a message about that crate belonging to the enemy.
  • Improved the icons in the logistics menu. They now better represent weapons in each category.
  • Now you can change the squad in Practice mode from the main menu.
  • Tutorial: checkpoint zones were made higher and wider so that they are harder to miss.
  • Disconnected players are shown in a dark tone in the debriefing to make balance scores more clear.


  • Grenade throwing mechanics have been improved, and the angle of throwing and arm movement have been changed. The left hand thumb now indicates the throwing direction.
  • You will no longer be able to aim while jumping.
  • Removed the temporary immunity of soldiers spawning at mobile rally points set by an engineer.
  • Now you are only prohibited to build rally points near the stationary spawn points in each mission.
  • Now respawn points in Invasion mode are moved immediately after a new strategic zone is captured.
  • Mobile rally points built in close proximity to each other are now grouped as one single point on the map. You will respawn at one of them automatically if the group is chosen.
  • If any stationary or dynamic capture or spawn point is activated in the mission, all mobile rally points are destroyed near it.
  • Now the mobile rally point can only be destroyed by the enemy or the player who has built it.
  • Now the amount of supplies dropped from dismantled crates depends on the amount of unused ammo in it.
  • Tutorial: added a special target tank entity.
  • Practice: added actual tanks as practice targets.
  • Now shells are ejected on bolt action weapons when the fire button is released.
  • You can now set up FOV separately for vehicles and soldiers.
  • Removed the setting for TPV sensitivity, as that mode is not present in the game.
  • Now if you control a plane by the keyboard, mouse controls are blocked.


  • Fixed a bug in which a player could join into a battle even after cancelling the process of searching for one.
  • Now picked up weapons will have the correct properties.
  • Target markers will no longer remain on downed planes.
  • When set on fire, the tank compartment will be filled with smoke.
  • Fixed the walk animation for soldiers more than 30 meters away.
  • Removed the building preview for soldiers in cars.
  • Fixed immunity when respawning on a player beyond the battle zone.
  • When using a stationary machine gun, the player’s body parts will no longer obscure vision.
  • Corrected the commander positioning in the hatch of the BA-11.
  • Changed EAC warning message when kicking a player from the game.
  • Reduced visual ghosting artifacts related to Ambient Occlusion.
  • Fixed interacting with ladders when looking straight above.
  • Increased swimming speed upwards when looking up.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Кar98k rifle with the Schiessbecher launcher was reloaded with a clip when the magazine was partially full.
  • The mass of the Mannlicher 1895/30 has been corrected.
  • MAS-36 — mass corrected. Reload speed reduced from 3.5 to 3.1 seconds.
  • MP 40/1 — improved usage of the double magazine shaft. After one magazine is depleted, a bolt is used to switch to the second one. Magazines are replaced when empty.
  • Fixed a bug that lowered damage from shrapnel hitting tank modules after the explosion of an incoming shell.
  • Fixed the display of the propeller while at low RPM.
  • Fixed incorrect damage calculation on aircraft modules in certain cases.
  • Fuel mass is now calculated in aircraft physics.
  • Fixed incorrect raindrop effects on the cockpit when flying aircraft.
  • Now the rain effects in Berlin should only appear when the weather conditions are appropriate.

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