Big Update

In this update we expanded the maximum allowable FOV (field of view) settings! We have also added nicknames over your friends in the squad for better coordination in the battles. Additionally, we have also added priority for the last control command given. This will allow you for example to aim while sprinting quickly or lay down without needing to release the previous button first.

Check out the full list of changes!



  • The Flamethrower flame length has been changed from 10 to 20 meters.
  • Pistol ammunition can now be refilled from ammunition boxes.
  • The semi-automatic firing mode has been removed from the Beretta M1918.
  • Weaponry included for the Practice mode in the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign has been updated.


  • An option to disable the text chat during battles has been added to the settings. This will also allow you to keep the screen clear if you’re streaming or recording gameplay.
  • The nicknames of players in your squad are now shown above them.
  • Now, if the button for calling an artillery strike isn’t assigned, a button to bring up the pie menu will be shown next to the artillery status icon.
  • In the menu for ground vehicles, information like the maximum speed of the tank, turret rotation speed and the specifics of the tank cannon has been added.
  • In the menu for Aircraft, information such as maximum speed, climb rate and best turn time has been added.
  • A marker will now be shown above a player sitting in the anti-aircraft gun.

Other changes

  • Rearming zones for aircraft and tanks have been added to practice mode
  • Barrage balloons have been added to practice mode.
  • Improved the control response regarding sprinting, aiming, and changing your soldier’s stance. The game automatically detects that you need to reset your sprint, aim, or change your soldier’s pose when you give a new command.
  • Quick respawn is now only possible if a capture point is selected.
  • A sound cue for strained breathing after continuous jumping, and holding in a breath while aiming has been added.
  • You can now dismount a ladder at any time by pressing the jump button.
  • The FOV range can now be manually adjusted
  • Two new perks have been added for soldiers of the tanker class: these will increase the braking speed and speed up gear shifting, making driving the tank smoother.


  • A bug has been fixed which prevented AI-soldiers from removing destroyed AAA.
  • A bug has been fixed which caused the spawn menu to leave hints for the player’s tank squad if it was previously destroyed.
  • A bug has been fixed which sometimes caused the icons for selecting a spawn to not be displayed.
  • A bug has been fixed which caused the spawn selection to work incorrectly when a spawn point was active on a capture point.
  • Capture zone markers appearing on walls has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed which prevented players from standing up from a crouching position when in front of an obstacle.
  • A bug which caused overestimated damage when shooting at destructible objects has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed which allowed the ammo box in the “Training” or “Practice” modes to be destroyed.
  • A bug has been fixed which sometimes prevented players from using ammo boxes.
  • Barbwire construction under a tank has been disabled.
  • A bug which caused the character to twitch when fast turning while standing still has been fixed.
  • The number of spare parts in the vehicle improvements window has been fixed.
  • Armor thickness display for vehicles has been fixed.
  • In the vehicle select menu, armor information for some tanks has been restored.
  • Missing highlighted outlines for the active items in the “Practice” mode for the Normandy campaign has been restored.
  • Incorrect names of tanks have been corrected.
  • When a team has no respawns, deserting the battle will no longer add a negative multiplier to the results. Important note: in the “Invasion” mode you still have a chance to earn respawn points until the battle ends. Also, when deserting from battle you won’t be able to earn any ‘hero of the battle’ awards and victory multipliers.
  • Nvidia Reflex support has been fixed.
  • Incorrect availability display for new items has been fixed.
  • In the “Assault” mode, the defeat timer won’t start if the attacking team controls at least one point even if they have no reinforcements left.
  • Aircraft can be refueled at the mid-air reload points.
  • You can now reload and switch weapons while sprinting
  • The speed of ascending and descending ladders has been increased by 20%.
  • Capture time has been reduced for the “Vysokovo Village (Invasion)” and the “Monastery (Invasion)” missions. Capture time has been increased for the “Le Bre (Invasion)” mission. Capture time in the “Invasion” missions has been reduced in the ‘Lone Fighters’ mode.

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