Big Update

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Major update with long-awaited new features! Enlisted has received a Battle Pass, we have announced the expansion of the soldiers’s inventory, missions with dynamic weather and even the ability to remove all the soldier’s equipment in one click - just as you have asked.

Read the full list of improvements and welcome to the new phase of the game - the Open Beta Test!


  • New missions have been added to the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign: “The Colleville Farm” (Conquest) and “Ruins of Vaux” (Invasion).
  • New mission has been added to the “Battle of Moscow” campaign: “Fortified District” (Invasion).


  • The following vehicles are now available in the “Battle of Moscow” campaign
    • SB-2M
    • Ju 87 R-2
    • Pe-3
    • BF-110 C7
  • The following vehicles are now available in the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign
    • M4A3E2 Jumbo
    • P-38J-15
    • Pz.IV H
    • Bf 109 G-10


  • The following weapons are now available in the “Battle of Moscow” campaign
    • РМ-40
    • Sniper SVT-40
    • DP 27
    • PZB 39
    • Gewehr 98 with scope mount.
    • MP 35
  • The following weapons are now available in the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign
    • Browning M1918A1
    • Sniper M1 Garand
    • Sten Mk II
    • M2 carbine
    • Browning M1918A2
    • Lanchester"
    • MG 34
    • FG 42 II
    • MP 35/I
    • FG 42
    • MG 42
    • ZK-383
  • Anti personnel and anti tank mines have been added.
  • Grenades for rifle grenade launchers are no longer separate items in the inventory - they are now automatically issued at the beginning of battle, along with regular ammo for rifles.
  • Mosin sniper rifles are now equipped with a PE scope.
  • Semi-automatic firing mode has been added for the MP 34(o).
  • The change in reload speed when upgrading equipment is now shown in the small arms card.
  • The following equipment has been added:
    • Backpack — allows you to take more inventory items (like first aid kits).
    • Ammo pouch — increases the amount of ammo for your weapons.
    • Grenade pouch — more grenades but less equipment.
    • Carried ammo for different weapon classes has been standardized.
    • Rifles with sliding bolt — 25 rounds.
    • Self-loading rifles — 30 rounds or two magazines.
    • Machine guns — 100 rounds or two magazines.
    • SMGs — from 120 to 140 rounds or two magazines.
    • Anti tank rifles — 20 rounds.
  • Replaced with authentic weapon models:
    • Bren Mk II
    • Breda Mod. 30
    • MAS 36
    • Springfield M1903 Air Service


  • An ability which increases the chance of surviving a severe wound and the life time of a severely wounded soldier.
  • An ability that speeds up the application of first aid kits.
  • An ability that increases the amount of materials available to the engineer.
  • An ability that increases the throwing range of grenades.
  • An ability that increases aiming speed.
  • An ability that reduces camera shake from nearby explosions.
  • An Engineer ability that decreases the construction speed of structures.


  • Soldiers have become more effective at overcoming obstacles. Their ability to climb and scale objects has been improved.
  • AI soldiers now use not only grenades but also Molotov cocktails when ordered to attack vehicles.


  • Battle Pass has been added.
  • Squads now have different limits to increase in size depending on the class.
  • 13 achievements have been added. Completing these achievements will grant you orders for troops and weaponry which can be used in Logistics.
  • A button to remove all soldier’s equipment has been added.
  • Information regarding engine power now takes into account the effects of improvements.
  • Long descriptions about the effects of soldier abilities have been reduced.
  • Color Contrast of the UI in the blocks of equipment and equipment characteristics has been improved.
  • The text and tips regarding the characteristics of vehicles and equipment has been improved.
  • Placement of soldiers in the tank squad has been improved.
  • The turret rotation speed and vertical guidance speed of the cannon has been added to the vehicle’s characteristics.
  • An improvement to the radio operator, which reduces the time between artillery strikes has been added.
  • A bug where where selecting a slot with equipment in the soldier’s inventory didn’t display this equipment on the right side has been fixed.
  • Modifications that improve technical characteristics of aircraft and tanks have been added.
  • Removed the abilities of soldiers and squad upgrades that performed functions that are now transferred to the soldier’s equipment and inventory management options.
  • In the squad upgrade tree you will have now to choose certain options during upgrades. For example choosing between adding a backpack slot or additional weapon slot, or selecting an exact new class of soldier to be added: machine gunner or engineer.
  • All soldier classes now have different starting abilities.


  • The possibility of selecting a soldier who will return from the Academy has been added, provided the player has silver supply orders.
  • A bug that occurred when deactivating the aiming mode, causing the camera to keep following the sight when throwing a grenade has been fixed.
  • Zoom behavior when using the right mouse button has been changed. Zoom is no longer linear and behaves a little more naturally.
  • Character’s body deviations when accelerating in all states except running have been removed to better match the animations.
  • The speed at which the character leans his body sideways has been reduced.
  • The character’s behavior when quickly moving down an uneven slope has been fixed. The character will now be less likely to raise off the ground and will follow the terrain better.
  • Interaction with bushes has been improved. Now they hinder the movement of the character more accurately.
  • The deviation of your character’s body in the first-person view has been removed.
  • The speed of getting in and out of vehicles has been decreased.
  • The Assault and Fighter squads have switched places in the research tree of the “Battle of Moscow” campaign.


  • The “Practice” game mode has been added back, now it is separate from the tutorial mode. Tutorial mode has been reworked as per player feedback.
  • A box of ammunition is now available in the “Tutorial” mode.
  • Now the fog on some locations changes dynamically.
  • Rewards for Battle Heroes have been added. In each battle, several players receive rewards for special achievements that increase the experience earned.
  • The time to capture the last point in the “D-Day” (Invasion) mission has been reduced.
  • The time to capture points in the “D-Day” (Invasion) mission in Lone Fighters mode has been increased.
  • The time to capture points in the “Le Bre” (Invasion) mission has been increased.
  • Squad slots purchased with gold now only work within one campaign for both sides.


  • The volume of sounds made by enemy infantry movement has been increased.
  • Sounds for the following weapons have been updated:
  • Chauchat
    • MP 34(o)
    • PIAT
    • Ross Mk. III rifle
    • Mannlicher M1895
    • FNAB-43


  • A bug that caused the health scale of severely wounded soldiers not to be displayed has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the player to not be redirected to the store when there were not enough parts to improve equipment has been fixed.
  • The position of the button on the update description window has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the doubling of equipment used by US tank squads has been fixed.
  • The display of a new soldier’s rank in the Campaign squad description has been fixed.
  • The display of soldiers’ icons on the battle results window has been fixed.
  • A bug that could cause the ground to turn black has been fixed.
  • A bug that could cause the player to pass the tank tutorial without using the tank has been fixed. Hints have also been improved.
  • A bug that caused the camera to start rotating after a squad change in the tutorial mode has been fixed.
  • A bug that allowed the wooden tanks in the tutorial mode to be destroyed too early, causing the section to become impassable has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the camera swing settings to reset when changing squads has been fixed.
  • A bug where the incorrect name was displayed for the Pz.III M tank in the kill log has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused weapons to reload incompletely has been fixed.
  • A bug where some tanks could move with broken tracks has been fixed.
  • Noise when the “Improved Reflections” setting is switched on has been fixed.
  • A bug that could cause the discount percentage for weapon improvements to be displayed incorrectly has been fixed.
  • The ammo display for grenade launcher rifles has been fixed.
  • The “Manage Soldiers” button has been fixed for tank squads with 5 or more soldiers.
  • The “Red Tails” base camouflage for the P-51C has been replaced with regular olive camouflage.
  • A bug that could trigger a melee hit after a soldier died has been fixed.


Xbox: Displaying the user account for the campaign and army selection window has been added.

  • Xbox: If cross-play is disabled in the console system settings, the corresponding setting in the game will also be disabled and cannot be changed.
  • PS5 and Xbox: Clicking on the gold icon now redirects you to the console store page.
  • Xbox: A button to open an XBOX player profile when selecting a player in the player list in battle or debriefing has been added.
  • Xbox: Updating purchases when returning from the XBOX store has been fixed.
  • PS5: A client crash that sometimes occurred when exiting a session has been fixed.
  • Xbox, PS5: Cross-play mode option has been changed. Available 3 options:
    • Off (only players using the same console can meet);
    • Consoles only (players from all consoles can meet);
    • All (players from all platforms can meet).
      This setting is now enabled for Xbox.