Big action shovel. How do I fix it?

What the hell did you do to the shovel??? Why does it have a useless charge attack instead of being able to hold down the button to attack (DIG) automatically. This makes the shovel even more tedious to use and theres no way to disable this bullshit. This is enough to put me off this mod entirely tbh.


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While I don’t know what’s happening about the description…

I’m still seeing other players being able to dig trenches, and I think it might have something to do with the hotkey settings.

In BigAction mode, all melee weapons including shovels have been added with the sprint function.

I don’t think it’s significantly different from the vanilla version other than adding a reasonable ability to charge. .


Need to click to dig is a bit annoying but it’s not the end of the world. At least as long as you don’t want to dig the whole trentch network by yourself.

Just yesterday I used the shovel more than in the main game for the last half a year.
No cover? Dig a foxhole.


I have to pull the trigger over and over instead of just holding it. It might be an issue with the controls for console


I do want to dig a whole trench network by myself lol. I really like digging.


Maybe you need to press it once a time, just like with the normal attack. Should be able to dig normally

In PC, a click of the mouse is a normal attack, while running + Shift is a charge.

If I hold the button I dont charge I just hold the shovel back and when I release its a normal attack. Digging trenches is too tedious that way

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I think you might try setting up the console shortcut keys, especially the charge one.

Because I don’t plan to remove the sprint function of the shovel at this time.

And the current ax can be used as a tool for leveling the surface or making small mounds of soil, as opposed role from the shovel

You may also encounter similar problems when using an axe to make some undigging.

Be careful not to accidentally injure team members or other teammates while digging.