Best Bolt action riffles?

Hy !

Before the merge, I didn’t really play Japan (too Many things to do in Stalingrad / Berlin and Normandy).

Now I’m Br 3, and I want to know wich gun is better for my jap’s? (Bolt action, not premium or fictif pls).

For germans, I use mainly kar 98 (with GL in hight Br to counter smg and pseudo AR) , enfield for brit (and garan for US, I haven’t goods vibes with their Bolt action ) and basically moisin for USSR.

Thx for ur help !

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Every bolt action is performance wise a BR1 weapon - with the exception of rifles that either reload or cycle faster.

So the Mannlicher rifle is noticeably better than regular bolt actions.

The Lee Enfield has a bigger mag and over all good stats and fire rate, so this one also deserves to be above BR1 rifles - though BR3 is ridiculous.

The Soviet Winchester also shoots rather quickly, so BR2.

And the VG being a magazine reload.

Thats honestly it, I don’t think other rifles deserve to be in BR2.

One could argue that sniper rifles that allow to be reloaded through clips are stronger than those that need to reload one bullet at a time - but the sniper class is worthless anyways.

No big difference in performance, stick to SMGs instead and use the not assaulters in your squad with basic bolt actions until you get close enough.

Pacific maps are very open, but not moving close to the objectives makes you loose the game, you can’t waste your time sniping, throw smoke and advance.

No, it sucks because no bayonet.


always thought it have one ngl since it front seem to be sticking out but i guess that my mind is playing trick on me

The currently unobtainable one has bayonet, m93 I believe


oh that confuse me even more ngl well i will keep my eye out

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What makes a good bolt action to me is good iron sights, good ADS (Though all bolts are very similar in stat here with no actual outliers within the tree) and good fire rate (as close to if not more than 60 RPM preferred). From there damage over 27 ((10+3.5)x2) is preferred if possible. These are my personal choices:


IMO, the first 3 bolts iron sights are just poor, this leaves the M44, M91/30, and M1895.
The M44 has best iron sights of these 3
The M91/30 is jack of all trades, master of none.
The M1895 has higher damage and better ROF, while having serviceable sights. It is also a lever action technically, but the sound is awesome IMO. Along with its ability to pass the 27 damage threshold at CQB ranges, it is the clear winner, though its lack of a bayonet does mean the purchase of an axe for charge functionality.



USA/UKC actually have a few great options, while the starting rifle’s irons are garbage, you do quickly get a very solid rifle in the USMC Springfield.
The Ross Mk III has a great ROF but no bayonet and the irons can be quite nice especially at long ranges. Have had plenty of fun with this rifle. I personally hate the SMLE MkIII’s sights and constantly use the right sight post subconsciously. The Enfield is better in this regard and its added internal magazine capacity is great … but if you run cqb, having to break the reload animation can also be a negative in certain situations. Due to my aggressive playstyle I do tend to run into CQB a lot more with bolts and rely on strafing heavily to gain chain kills. I find the Enfield’s longer reload actually hurts me more than helps me in heat of the moment, as well as it being BR III. As such, my go to tends to be the USMC Springfield.



Germany/Italy has, IMO the strongest starter rifle with best iron sight style and respectable fire rate. While the Kriegsmodell is horrid, the standard K98 is quite nice. The Carcano Mod 38 (7.35mm) is however a very good and is a worthy addition. You then get a series of just really poor iron sights and ROF weapons. The Vz 24, the Pre-war, The Mannlicher, MAS-36, and M1891 are just skips imo. The Pre-War and Mannlicher I found great on paper, but the iron sights I just don’t like. Though, I have had fun with the M1891, the Mod 38 is objectively a better Carcano rifle. The VG.2 however is a great bolt being a magazine fed with solid irons and ROF, though it does lack a bayonet. It also being in BR III does let it fall as the Enfield does. My normal pick is the Carcano Mod 38 due to its compact design, iron sights that are tolerable, and great ROF.



Japan is a tough one, as there isn’t a “Great Bolt Action”, IMO. The Type 38 rifles have poor iron sights, as does the Type I and 99 (Late). The only one with decent iron sights is the Type 99 (early), but it lacks ROF. Early on, I would go with the Type 38 Rifle (non carbine), but I tend to rock the Type 99 Early due to the iron sights being more clear to me and the better damage.


To be clear, this is my opinion and your play style and preferences may result in different preferred weapons.

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type 99 if you re blind like me

that circle on the sight help to much

I have no melee button, all my key bindings are occupied by others actions, I haven’t used a default melee attack in two years.

This obviously shouldn’t be any valid point, rather I see only the pure combat effectiveness. Charging is more a utility ability, useful, but not really a combat stat.

Guess I am weird.

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Well, I couldn’t care less if you are using melee or not. Charging is essential aspect of BA on lower BRs for me. If the rifle do not have bayonet, it’s just bad.

For good DPS, I am using weapons like smgs or MGs. Not rifles.


i mean i even charge in high br, it quite fun to charge at a bot like a true jap (mostly cause i always ran out of bullet and there is always 1 bot alive)

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Bayonet is a huge plus but overall you should take whatever rifle feels the best and has the most comfortable sights. Differences in hard parameters are far less imactfull than soft patameters in case of BA rifles.

So buy one piece of every gun, play some matches to see how they feel and chose the one YOU like the most. And that is the best bolt action rifle.

At least imo.


yea too bad i like all BA tho (but i guess the winchester is the best for me since i like it)

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Japan - type 38 rifle, decent rof and dirt cheap BR1
USSR - Winchester whats-it-called, best rof (same as M. 1895) BR2
US - SMLE rifles in a tie, BR3 alternatively Ross rifle or USMC Springfield.
Germany - Mannlicher 1895 BR2, best rof but also good sight.

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My go to bolt action for each faction:

USSR: Mosin M44
USA: Springfield M1903 USMC
Germany: Kar98k
Japan: Type 38

i know for certain that the best bolt action rifle for japan is the type38 Rifle, and perhaps the best one in the game. It’s accurate as fuck with barely any recoil, second highest rate of fire, just 3 points behind the man licker (NO BAYONET BTW), solid damage wise, even before upgrade, and cheaper than dirt. it also DOES comes with a bayonet, which I’ve been TOLD reduces recoil, as well as giving the obvious benefit of sweet glorious melee.

Its upgrades are also very cheap
you get the gun for 500
first upgrade is 61 silver for better accuracy
second upgrade is 241 for rate of fire upgrade to bring the gun to 72 rounds per minute
and the last one is 720 for more accuracy and damage increase, bringing the damage to 24.1

Just upgrade these instead of buying the other bolt actions, at least for most of your soldiers. I personally run mostly these and put maybe 1 or 2 of the other rifles on a select few soldiers for variety.

only thing you could possibly not like about the rifle is the irons, which a lil chunky, but are perfectly aligned and very much capable of long shots

It really depends on which iron sight you feel comfortable.

Donno, the base one fully upgraded suits me Alot

I like the sights and the way the weapon behaves. Light and precise.

Besides that the 100 with flag on paratrooper squad Is also a lovely rifle.

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I personally like the Type 38 rifle the most