Berlin Allies is a waste of time

Very sad :cry:

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so as allies in mormandy, tunesia, …

and Moscow Axis

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i mean if you get a 6 stack going as the slavs they can handle fine


…and pacific axis…

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wtf are you talking about. normandy is one of the more normal campaigns where you have equal chance of winning in both teams.


Depends on which side has a 4stack lol.

But if you get lucky and don’t get to see tryhards then yes, most balanced at the moment.

normandy allies is not that bad. Tunisia is worse

I try not to worry about campaign balance, soon the merge will get rid of all the current (im)balances. It’ll inevitably create new ones but we’ll see then I suppose.

The average IQ in Normandy is so low nowadays that it´s like watching 2 drunk hobos fight. It´s funny but also kinda sad.


here fixed that for ya

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