Bell P-59 or Lockheed P-80

I mean sure it didnt saw combat but then again it is what it is.

and to appease parrtot a bit of course the german get Me262


The allies does not need more firepower in the air otherwise what are the Japanese supposed to do

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well i just search and found a nakajima kikka so we could give them that?

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I don’t think we need jet right now, there is enough suicide bombing in the game.

Also I would rather have the Gloster Meteor in the game as it saw service in the war fighting V1 over UK and were deployed for air defense in the Netherland in 1945 (they never fought true german planes though)

As for Japan, it had some jet prototypes by the end of the war, including the Kika with a similar design to the Me 262.


they just need avro lancaster with grand slam.

And at @Ron_McKracker I summon you to bring your magical map knowledge of what DF could actually do and so people can’t just nuke one part of the map because of how poorly made it is.

Do you want me to do any maps, or do you want specific maps you want me to use?

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Anything works to just remind DF on why they should actually study maps and if we bring this topic up enough times maybe you’ll actually get through to them.


If maps are large and made according to the actual battle they are based on; planes would not be able to smoke entire teams unless they were bunched. If you don’t know what they look like, look at maps of the battle and then look at aerial photographs. The battle maps will tell you where to put objectives in-game, and the aerial photographs will tell you what the in-game map should look like. Only when there is no aerial photograph of something or the photograph doesn’t reveal details that you need should you go of your own volition when making something.

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I doubt jets would be any better in this game than piston engine aircraft.
These early jets are terribly difficult to control in low altitudes and have bad turn rate, so combine these with the high speed and poor visibility, small maps and low altitude flying making both dogfight and CAS capabilities poor, but the worst part is that in game aircraft already behave as bricks, just imagine how awful jet control will be.


Germany will eventually get the M262.

The thing is F-80 was Korean War only

I want…