Battlefield 1 sound mod

That took a bit longer than expected but managed to replace not just menu songs but also battle start themes.

Actually it’s 5 out of 6 if anyone has suggestion for 6th then i could add or maybe edit it too, most themes in bf1 have too long buildup time to be used.

Victory/Defeat themes are still the one found in Hidden&Dangerous 2 BF1 doesn’t really have any short themes of this kind so it’s a waste if only first few secs going to play.

This mod is still in testing stage some sounds may be much louder or silent than others.

If only we could add loading match song and also why we don’t have sound section yet?


Add to this line to the enlisted.config.bik


Put it into Enlisted\sound\mod folder and launch the game.


care to list the songs being in use?

i wanted to make a bf1 too, but don’t want to copy or reuse similar songs and keep both mine and yours original.


enlist_theme.wav = 04 Grace and Glory (Tsar dlc)
enlisted_theme_01.wav = 01 Battlefield One
enlisted_theme_02.wav = Battlefield Classic Theme , Mayhem View (idk why my foobar is showing over 6min runtime)
enlisted_battlestars are mostly found in game files some were edited and cut short to not play for way too long



too good to not be included when making menu songs of bf1 haha

but thanks for info :+1:

Can you change all voice army in game to make it more immersive like on bf1 ? Really would like it

i was planning on making voice lines,

but due to the lack of time someone might beat me to it.

as… i have others plans for the moment.
( such as menu music. since it’s a bit easier and duable )

as for vcs, i could,
but i make no promises.

EDIT. i missed the immersive part.

nope. can’t do that.

gotta ask devs to make it more immersive, for then us being able to add different ones similar to others.

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That sounds like 100x more time consuming than just couple of songs. Plus Enlisted has way less reactive voice lines compared to Battlefields, there are so many voices just where your character is calling that enemy is spotted (in enlisted it’s just mg, tank and generic “enemy”) or when defending the objective or even throwing nades, BF games have suppression mechanics where your character will scream for his mom to save his ass, no such thing in Enlisted so you can’t replace something that does not exist.

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It would be time well spent if you ask me. The voice acting was endearing to me at first but it´s pissing me off the more I have to listen to goofy shit like “JAAA, JAAA, LOOS GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHTS” or “SOLDIERS, FORWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD”.

Like what´s everyone so excited about? We´re going to war not Disneyland.

Hell yeah, will put that to the test when I get some free time to implement it. Thanks!

Is it possible to change the announcer or maybe gunsounds, soldier voices?

Is it possible to change the announcer or maybe guns ounds, soldier voices?
PS sorry for double post, bad internet :S

How to extract sounds :

Is it possible to change the announcer or maybe guns ounds, soldier voices?


Forget to reply to you, yeah it’s possible but it requires way more wav files than usual songs and battle start themes, you need around 3-10 audio files for each weapon (including cannons) some even have long range echo. I’m awful at audio editing so yeah maybe someone more experienced could replace them gotta see if BFV files have echo or not with each shot and if they are separated like in Enlisted if so then it should be much simpler to implement. Announcers and soldier voices are way more simpler to replace but there are like 1200 of them for each language.

Any progress on this?

I looked into the game’s files with Frosty Editor and they do have both close and range sound files, even in door out door. you can just right click export the the sound file as in the screen. Here is Mondragon for example.

I’m doing this now, at least for Russian

@ChristIsKing〸 could you help me with BF1/V voicelines extraction?

I have both games installed but can’t open them up with Frosty editor so far.

Update: I updated my Frosty tool and now I can open the files but does anyone know if it’s possible to mass export the files and not do it one by one like in the screenshot above?

Don’t think so, but for sure there are some dumps out there already done.

Just google ‘bf1 sound dump’

I found apme, yes. But for instance so far i haven’t been able to find BF1 tsar dlc red army specific files in any dumps or BFV American voicelines added with Pacific dlc.

And exporting them one by one would take several thousand clicks