Battle Pass Guide

Since new topics about the Battlepass are created again and again here a small guide, what the Battlepass is and how it works!

To purchase the Elite Battlepass you need to press the “Battlepass” button in the start menu


After you press the Battle pass button you can see the different rewards.

There are 2 types of rewards in the Battle pass. Free rewards and rewards that you can only get if you own the “Elite Battlepass”. The rewards that you get without Elite battlepass are marked with “Free”

You can earn up to one reward a day by collecting 10 BP progress points while doing 3 battle tasks with a regular Battle Pass. If you own Premium Pass, you can speed up earning by up to 3 rewards by finishing 9 battle tasks a day, thus gathering 30 BP progress points. You can progress with battle tasks in any active campaign and any rewarded supply orders will also be available to use in any of them.


At the launch of the Battle Pass season, you will not be able to open rewards for gold. That option will be switched on only later mid-season. Also, the cost of such an opening will increase as you progress through the rewards tree.

If you decide to buy the Elite Battlepass later and not at the start of the season, you will also unlock the rewards you are due to receive.