⭐ "Battle of Stalingrad" update

Just Big update

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23-24 GB update? well whatever…

We changed game files formats, unfortunately you need to download 23GB.


I’m super hyped for this new additions. Job well done on this regard Darkflow!

That being said my very first impression so far after immediately checking for one of the things I looked for the most was with the new soldier-individualization. While the way you solved it appears proper the prices struck me like lightning.

Do you pay for unlocking the piece of gear for the whole army or if that’s actually the cost for a single soldiers equiptment? I’m actually afraid of buying stuff at these prizes to test it out.

I also noticed that with the new premium squads at Stalingrad these customization options don’t exist. Will this be fixed in the near the future?

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Currently working on fix, but you can fix it yourself, just add the game to your list of trusted files in the antivirus.


First match: got the premium tank squad together with the 3 starter squads and couldnt spawn anymore because after losing the two infantry squads they are unavailable and the tank squads were blocked by already 2 others having filled these slots. Had to watch for the rest of the match to see my team lose all while hoping that some tank slot would finally get free…

That was a rather frustrating experience and while this won’t occur anymore once you progress in the ranks it’s feels like an overlooked problem of game design that might alienate newcomers to this game from the product.

Also: Just how on earth do these new TNT charges work?


You drop it and then left click. Need to drop it on top of the tank if you want to destroy it. Can work as a ‘‘booby trap’’ too. 6 is the number for TNT charges.

Just found out on practice fields that I had to press 6/7.

First I was baffled why they wouldn’t be outfitted when pressing 4 like all other grenades with that tank right in front of me until I realized back in the soldiers menu that these don’t count as grenades but mines. Which also explains why he just drops them right in front of his feet instead of actually throwing them.

That being said though I find these an odd choice over explosion packs for your first squads as the usage is a rather sneaky one that requires preparation and is as an anti-tank measure rather unfit. Time will tell if these will still be used once anti tank or anti personell mines become available that dont require you to actively monitor their position in order to use them but I’m certain they will find their niche.

I find them really good as ‘‘booby trap’’. For now.

I just realized about one thing that was not mentioned anywere, all weapons in all campaigns got their bayonet with this update.

What I mean is that every weapon that has got additional slot for bayonet in one of the previous updates, but didn’t have its slot filled, now has a new bayonet in this slot. All my old basic rifles that I removed bayonet before, are now with a new one installed.

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This update is great

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Nice update loved playing medics can’t wait to see when you implement them in other campaigns. ( As well as bomber formations but I can wait).

In my opinion customization is far too overpriced and restrictive. $5.70 for fully customizing a single soldier in one squad is too much and I don’t think anyone in their right mind would pay that much.

Those prices would be close to worth it if buying one of those slots unlocked the customization option for all soldiers across squads and could be used on multiple soldiers at the same time.

Please do not implement this system in its current form in any other campaign. :slightly_smiling_face:


If that is actually true and you pay each item for each soldier and not as an unlock for the whole army to be used then prices would be ridiculous if not insane.


Personally, I love this update. I won’t get into detail because I’m too busy playing haha but I think the wait was worth it imo. I’m having a lot of fun in Stalingrad so far and also the new Tunisia map is awesome. Haven’t played the new Moscow one yet.

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Nope, i wont start the new campaign. Everything worse grinding for is locked behind your “super-duper-awesome” Paywall. And on top of that p2w premium trash … i mean Flamethrower Tanks ??? Really ??? I think this is the End of this game, lots of F2P Players will leave very soon and when you decide to implement this new “Pay-to-Play” System (which sucks because you call this F2P, which it isnt anymore) you will lose your playerbase in no time. So good luck with that lol.


Flamethrower tanks are historically accurate. Is that really a gripe of yours? Lol. Invalidated your entire post.

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I didnt say these tanks are not historically correct. I said they are only available for cash and thats P2W ! Next time read and think before blabla-ing trash !

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As far as I can see and have heard that is the case right now. One coat is around 150 to 180 gold, one face is 150 gold, one headgear ranges from 60 to 150 gold, one pants is 60 gold, one gloves is 60 gold, and from what people are saying it unlocks only for one soldier.

I don’t know personally about what happens when you buy it because I’m not wasting my money on this current system.

And how exactly are flamethrower tanks P2W?

Are you really afraid of vehicles with paper armour (c’mon those are Pz II and T-26 in the campaign where there are T-34s, KVs and long 75 Panzers IV) with the range of 40 meters? They will always be in the range of explosive pack and most likely will be dead seconds after normal tank enters the battlefield.

They are fun, niche and unique toys for those who payed for full access, not some P2W bs - if you really want to critisize something then talk about new LMG premium squads for Moscow and Normandy (5 LMGs and even an engineer armed with one)