Battle of Cologne public testing

I have been working on this mod for a while and i hope that i will get some feedback. The map has 3 points and it is quite small so there will be less running and more gunning

Here are pictures:

(Also i know that the map is not that detailed but due to the large amounts of buildings i had to use less decorations in order for it to work)


it’s really great :+1: .

however, a couple of things.

  • you should disable AI spawn on friends.

otherwise AI will spawn inside objectives even when they are downed with full on spawn protection.

just add this over entities.blk:

// LF



  • you should change the us team to be normandy us

otherwise US players will spawn with pacific appearances.

  • you should edit the level and remove the fog due to being an out of bounds mission

which gives you more fps. even though the minimaps doesn’t help. but i find it a charm since you don’t know what to expect.

  • you might wanna enlarge battle areas as both team AI dies from the gray area.

although. i might understand was not meant to be played by AI only.

  • it appears germans spawn is closer to C than allied to A
    ( i could be wrong though )

  • matches are short ( optional )
    unless it was meant to be tactical and enphasis on casualties, matches are a bit short

for the rest, a solid 8.


Thanks for the feedback i greatly appreciate it!
I am taking an small break from enlisted but after that i will try my best to improve the map based on the feedback i recieve

completely understandable.

sure thing

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List of bugs:

  • roof of the Embassy is an invisible wall
  • rooms below the roof of embassy are empty halls
  • bots do not attack B
  • windows in C (Ministry) cannot be opened or breaken
  • spawncamping near C is too easy

Rest is OK :+1:

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I dont have much experience in entities.blk so this might sound stupid but which one do i open?

This has already been done:
Näyttökuva 2024-06-13 093225
There is an bug that makes all clothes pacific for USA in custom matches and training ignoring what you are wearing in lobby. Germans are forced to wear berlin clothes and soviets moscow ones

I was inspired to make this mod after i saw this picture:
It has lot of fog and i wanted to have that in my map. I understand if it is annoying and i will change it. How can i change it?

I would do that but most of the building that are out of bounds lack interior and look ugly. I dont want players to get there. I have rebuilt navmesh but the AI still runs into greyzone for some reason

Here is the map from the sky. I think the spawns are quite balanced

I made this map to play with my brother. He has told that some of my mods last too long. I can release an version with more tickets if you want

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I dont know how to fix that. The embassy in my mod is direct copy of the berlin one that also has invisible walls. Many berlin buildings have invisible walls sadly

Those rooms are not supposed to be entered due to the limitations

I fixed that

You mean vehicle spawn or infantry spawn?


you create a new txt file, and rename it entities.blk

then, paste the code.


you have to set actual teams.

instead of being generic_team US.

like an entity.

fair enough

i see.

for the germans due to have less clutter, will reach C first than the allies to reach A.

not an issue.

just my nitpicks



Like this?

How do i do that? Is this also entities.blk thing?

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although i recommend using Visual studio code / note c++ to see fancy colors

so if something is wrong, you’ll see it.

mh. they changed it:

it’s no longer there.

is it team_usa, or team pacific_allies ? ( inside your scene.blk )

and, while you are at it.
mind me showing how you setted up the post inside the portal?

like, the various team settings.


welp… i don’t see nothing wrong.

so, that’s definitely not an error made by you.

sad what i thought would have been a solution didn’t worked.
but you know what that means.

time to call the cavalry!


hey there, sorry for ping, but question time.

right so, if for example, one would like to set specific teams for a mission, how can someone do that?

in order to avoid cases like op where pacific allies spawn over a mission that is meant to be with normandy customization etc?
( players related, not AI related )


Actually, it’s not really a bug. You just need to create briefing (on your case probably better to create briefing_domination) and then edit mission_outfit. Set it to normandy.

Bot outfit probably depends only on team__spawnBotArmy. And it’s correctly on your screen.

Better move to spawn and turn on UI image. And you will able see distance in numbers.
Or you can try to use distance.meter console command. And put some points around map to check distance.

You also can turn on navMesh check. For that need add true after distance.meter.

(Yeah… My map contains some problems with navMesh).

(Without navMesh problems & only two points).

Note: For some reason it doesn’t work in editor mode. Also you probably will need to use console command.


  • Click = put point.
  • Click on point = clear point.
  • Reload = clean all points (doesn’t work in mode, but you can reuse same command for clean all points).

Can i get step by step guide please? I dont want to mess things up. Thanks in advance

You also can name your map in mission_name (for loading screen/for replays).


Thanks! Is it possible to give normandy clothes for allied and berlin clothes for axis? Or do they have to use clothes from same campaign?

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Probably only this. Or use custom profile.

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