Battle Lines Should NEVER Move

The game is fun but there is one thing that really #$$%& me off and that is when you move battle lines. Have a set battlefield and don’t move the boundaries. That’s completely UNREALISTIC. This isn’t Fortnite. Let the soldiers work with the battlefield as a whole….like in the REAL world. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone back to resupply a tank at your designated refill point and you have switched the battle lines making it impossible for me get back to safety before you kill off my whole squad. So, in review…MAKE THE GAME MORE REALISTIC AND STOP MOVING BATTLE LINES.


that’s one thing gotta love conquest for

but I think battle line for other game modes should indeed move, however not that quickly as now

Amen to this. The game is fun, but has some maturing to do

I personally don’t mind the gray zone, “camping”, whatever, etc. But….

That is why I’ve suggested a larger Conquest mode that covers the whole map.

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Personally I hate the idea of a large scale CONQUEST map.
A large scale CONFRONTATION map, where teams know where the objectives are going to go on their sides, would make for an excellent game mode. My only major concern at that point that mine pouches would need to be added, otherwise flanks would ultimately be far too exposed.

We already have them but the only ones who benefit from them are the magical Paratrooper with their magical pouches.

I have a different opinion. When the battle line is breached, the defender should IMMEDIATELY retreat and defend the control point. In Tunisia, i can often see that when the previous control point becomes the attacker’s respawn point, there are still defenders spawn camping on the spawn point roof.
And due to the rampant of explosive packs, tanks sometimes have to beware of being blown up by infantry 200+ meters away from the capture point.

Just play a mode without moving battle line (conquest).

For me both sound great, i love both modes

You will get a lot of enemies who harass you from a distance using sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, howitzers, and bunker machine guns, and there is nothing you can do about it.

I think Conquest would be a great giant mode is because it would be a true sandbox and have the freedom to fight for every single objective. There would be skirmishes all over the map. A fight in this area here, a fight in this area there.

With Confrontation it would just be like two bulldozers charging into eachother. Don’t get me wrong it’s a fun mode and I enjoy it

But I think it could be interesting to have a Giant Confrontation mode as well, just to see

True. But isn’t that more realistic? I mean in a real battle people don’t spontaneously combust for deciding to remain behind enemy lines.

you made a mistake
Reality is for more fun rather than sacrificing gameplay for the sake of authenticity
Otherwise I would rather join the army, nothing is more real than reality
If there were no gray zone restrictions, you would be attacked by all kinds of random spam in the game, and it would be difficult for you to fight back against them because they are far enough away from you, maybe even four to five hundred meters away.

This game won’t be fun

At least, instead of killing the player that was left behind, make him respawn on the new respawn point…

Like you do with pilots who parachute and then are taken to spawn point.

This is a good idea. But there is one additional problem I constantly see in tank confrontations. Enewmy tanks will camp across boundaries that I cannot cross and the only way I can take them on is head to head. Flanking is not possible because there is no way to get there. This is VERY annoying and takes the fun out of engaging other tanks.