Assault Engineer Squads Idea

Make those 4 assault engineer squads an achievement for the game, like something that always stays and isn’t tied to an event.

Create 4 unique “faction” cards with a hammer on them. Make it a no time limit going in perpetuity.
Earn: a player needs to get a total of 500k experience to unlock one of the cards, or 2 million for all 4 squads.

Remember again, no time limit. vets can grind it out in a week or so, or earlier, and new people have a reason to keep playing for a cool squad(s).

Maybe this is how they could re-release old event squads, just inflate their exp cost or silver cost by like 300% but have no timer to them.

Keeps the FOMO to a minimum since a player always know that they WILL come back but at much higher effort rates, and gives another reason for any player to keep playing beyond a current event or daily tasks.

I’d say give it a 6 month buffer for the event grinders to have their toys first and after that timer, lets say a two battle pass difference, those squads go into the in game’s shop tab under a new “events” section with each event squad having different rates at Darkflow’s leisure.

That’s just my thoughts, yours?


I dont know because currently in this game only ussr and german have assault rifles. which is the whole point of assault engineer
and lets just make this as a techtree reward and put more specialized squad in the tree too. like have paratrooper as advanced variant of assault squad. or have a 12-15 rifle man squad that can only take low tier weapon.