Armory event awards...?

Is anybody else receiving ‘change of appearance’ awards at each stage win…like…All The Time!

Im sure its random… :neutral_face:

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I am getting 30% booster quite often. You are hella lucky if you’re getting appearance orders all the time.
I am starting to be jealous of you.


Yep it’s random! I do get a lot of 30% boosters, so you’re lucky for having these appearance orders🙂


Im sure there are bigger things to gripe about… it’s nice to vent… 'I would prefer boosters

I dont think so, appearence orders are best reward from lootbox.

30% really isnt that significant

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With all do respect… to me, nothing is better than the weapon upgrade.


Yeah, I can respect that. I am just kinda obsessed with customization xD so…

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