Are you guys doing this?

We have this totally illogical system where you need to buy the same set of customization for multiple campaigns. Given this situation are you buying the same pea dot camo which you purchased for the Battle of Berlin also for the Invasion of Normandy? Just for them to appear in multiple campaigns? Or are you waiting for them to change the system and holding off on your customization tickets for that? I personally have a feeling that they are not going to change the system. That is why they are trying to give us customization orders in all these mini events.


Long time waiting for a train not coming


Yeah. It is truly the end of the begining for customization in this game. If they carry on with this bogus system in right earnest.

Customization is overall bad on the design level.
Personally I just save my appearance orders for a better day.


Saving up for funeral?


Good looking suit to be buried in is worth every penny.


I’m piling on green cards.

i’m not buying outfits for the same squad 4 or 5 times.


I only buy outfit for 1 campaign because i can use it everywhere in custom matches. Sadly the new update introduced a bug that makes it impossible to choose your uniform in customs instead it is always moscow or ardennes

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Probably what they are hoping is that we grow impatient and buy gold to make game changes. :rofl:

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I am not a customization guy its cool and all but I dont care about it much though to answer you question I bough customization for 5 squads for all theatres of war that they can appear 2 German squad , 2 soviets and 1 Japan thats all BTW im swimming in Customization cards I have like 1.5 K

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Sadly that bug is not a bug. It is an intended feature.

Nice. That’s a lot of orders.

Yeah. Like they are doing with the vehicle customization. Especially for tanks.

Yep. Feels really wasteful this way.

We can always keep hoping for a future better.

It is bug as you could choose what to wear in custom games before the update. The game would use the outfit you had selected in the hangar. Now it automatically takes moscow no matter what.

Or if it is intended then it is very stupid as now i am forced to use winter uniforms in non winter maps ruining my roleplay

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I see. I thought that you were talking about the Squads game mode itself. Yeah. I have no idea how they do it in custom games. However, I have noticed that previously I could atleast see the uniform which I was wearing in the main screen in the Practice Range. But now it reverts back to the first campaign in the list of customization by default. Don’t know if this is also a bug or a feature.

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it is the same bug

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Nice. Lol.

It does that same thing to me in the training area.

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