Are there players in the japanese team?

like the title suggest, are there player in the japanese teams? I started playng this scenario after a VERY VERY long time i dont touch the game and i feel like japanese teams are always filled with bots. A lot of soldiers run around aimlessly without doing ojectives, nobody shoot even if they have the enemy 5 cm away and the worst thing of all. In the kill feed and while playng i see the American team filled with auto weapons, the second tank (the stuart), shotgus, flamethrowers and radio operator while the japanese team has only bolt action…i know the japanese team has the equivalent of the american equipment, but i never see it used in battle. Any thought?

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Yeah unfortunately, the Pacific campaign is plagued by player unbalance. Most of the team are filled by bots, just like Tunisia allies and Berlin soviets. The upcoming merge might solve this issue.


what merge? As i said its been long i played the game so i kinda dont know what is happening

Well, tldr, the campaign system will be removed very soon (like probably by the end of this month I would say)

All side are going to be grouped into four different nation with their own progression tree. Soviets, Germans, Western Allies and Japanese.

So instead of playing the US in the Pacific, you would be playing the US in WW2 with a chance of fighting in the Pacific, Tunisia, Normandy depending of your equipment.

The progression will be something similar to war thunder, just like this for instance :

This will also bring a Matchmaking with Battle rating depending of your equipment in order to balanced players and equipment between teams in a match.

The idea behind the merge is to reduce the player imbalance in certain campaign and hopefully bring more player to the game.

You can find more info about this on enlisted websites or by taking a look at some videos on youtube, they might be more informative than my quick recap.


there are “some” but VERY little i found like 2 jap today the rest were bot ngl if you want to chill play allie other wise it hell

oh, this look nice, but what for those player that have a campaign with high level? For example i almost completed axis normandy progress, will i lose the progress or i will get an already researched tech tree?

you get what you research like if you have m1 garand then when merge happen you will unlock it

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No don’t lose anything. You will be keeping everything that you ever obtained in the game as of now. However the way of progressing will be through the tech tree and not through campaign levels.


i bet you already finish everything havent you?

i havent im getting my johnson rn im 3 lvl away from it

Me ? Absolutely not. Normandy allies is the only campaign I maxed out, and I am between 10-15 in most other campaigns/sides. I did not really played pacific honestly.

oh well im like 20+ lvl in most place the russian are the only faction that have lowest tech for me cause everyone gone in berlin so i just farm axis and some american gear

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Most people finished their campaign and moved on to the other campaigns or stopped playing after using underpowered early gear, late gear in my opinion is superior to the american unlocks with the exception of BAR but there is GO BAR for the Axis.

I’ve kind of given up on playing Japan for now, at least until the next update.

current jap is like stalingrad axis before it got better so yea that is the right choice unless you really want something from jap

luckily for me i already got almost everything so it not much of a lost but it is a shame i didnt finish jap while it was popular

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I would have liked to get the Ho-I and Type 4 before the merge, but I’m still like 10 ranks away so I doubt that’s happening

Yeah but most of them are braindead idiots, all the good players maxed out Japan back when it was easy. So now the majority of them are new players.

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Japan main here, and yes the Japanese side isnt what it used to be. But it makes sense, everyone is trying to get levels in other campaigns before the merge

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That causes so much dread for this game’s future.


I don’t think so

i call those the average enlisted player, not trying to win but up there score as for the second part if a squad has 5 to 9 member all but one of those will be bots by default
also i play all campaign but in t6he pacific Japan is my most developed because i can play American’s almost anywhere i can only play as Japan in the pacific
also i wish Japan had a better semi auto gun

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