An unexpected curve

It seems that in my recent games for the last two days, we’ve been putting up some stronger resistance than usual.

Whatever you guys are doing in Battle Rating I-III, great work!:+1:

Team praising aside, has anyone else noticed this in their recent games or have I just been extremely lucky?

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Nah, you guys are just kicking our rears really hard. I think its because of the horde of noobs that seem to be flocking to the allies. (they are terrible at the game)

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I only started earlier this month, we were practically even back then, with relatively close matches (Soviets aside, they were and still kind of are a force to be reckoned with).

Yes I have also noticed this. I have been only playing Germans for the last few weeks in BR2 since I dont have anything higher unlocked yet and before it was often lost games…now mostly wins. US veterans are playing Japanese I think.

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Against who? I just played a couple low tier US and lost 2 matches and won the rest and only two of them were Pacific. Honestly surprised we won against the Germans at all, but I did have my friend with me for a few matches so that does help secure victory


Against the Western Allies. The USSR is still as difficult as before.


After the last update and playing on the Allies being on the losing end of 20 straight ass kickings at level 5, I finally f**k it and started a new German squads where, after 38 battles have won 75% of them. I do periodically go back and play a game (er, be the sacrificial lamb) to more ass kickings with my Allies to see if it is indeed still totally unplayable, but after getting to rank 227 before the update and losing 20 straight to fall to 207, I have now climbed back up to 227 solely because I am not playing with the Allies. Actually, I my two kids stopped playing because of the lack of competition, and I am playing less because there is no challenge. Is is all totally because all the good players went to playing with the Japanese? IDK, maybe, but to me it is kind of funny that they all seemed to do it the same day immediately following the last update. But, what do I know. LOL

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I heard about the problems with the Pacific Theatre, from both ends.

It would be nice if we could have a way to balance out the playerbase and keep the freedom of being able to play as the faction of your choice.

The player shift from what I’ve heard is mostly one-sided.

I’m not gonna lie to you, this is how it works. A large chunk of vets, mainly those that have all factions maxed out, will roam from faction to faction as updates happen. Then a chunk of the playerbase follows them because that’s where the easy wins are. They move like a zombie hoard, and affect the game’s balance drastically because of it. All the factions are more or less equal, but the playerbase is not. It’s kinda funny to be honest. Allies sucked immediately Post Merge, we had some players join us for a couple months, and now we’re right back to sucking. Lol


Yeah, the Allies are taking beatings on both fronts now.:sweat_smile:

Fighting them no longer feels like a close match.

I guess the tides of WW2 turned the other way…we will live in a world of Hikler and the Japanese power. Interesting :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I have been fighting for the Germans now and after my ranking went from 227 down to 207 playing with the allies it has climbed back up to 240. However, I just played the allies in what I thought would be another easy win for the Germans, and Holy Cow, I got my ass kicked. LOL Maybe some of the Vets are going back to playing on the allies, or it was a Mercy Killing, either way, it was good to see, even though I was on the losing end. LOL

Maybe. What BR? I think we’re holding our own in Low Tier, but getting our crap stomped in in High Tier

No, all my German squads are now BR 3, so it says BR 1-5. Not all my weapons are BR3 as I am still using a lot of MP 40’s which I believe are BR2, but they seem to do good with me. I have playing 95% of my games as Germans since my Allies started getting Thumped constantly. Back up to Rank 241. I have not tried to play on the Allies for the past several days now, been concentrating on building up my German Squads. I did buy 4 Battle pass FN 1930 guns because I did not like the German level 2 machine guns, and these are pretty much exactly the same as the American BAR, which I used to dislike but now love, so I am familiar with it. I’m retired, so I can go through levels pretty fast and usually don’t invest a whole lot of money in the game, but did some to get the German squads up to speed.


So essentially BR III is “gambling.” You’ll either end up in a Low Tier match (BR’s I-III) or High Tier (BR’s III-V). I personally love it myself as you never know which you’ll get till you hit find match. You can generally figure it out real quick though looking at the feed. Springfield’s, M3’s, British garbage, Italian garbage, Kar98k’s, 37mm’s, etc are all good indicators of Low Tier
You start seeing some M1919A6’s, FG 42’s, MG 42’s, M2 Carbine’s, etc then you’re in a sweat fest High Tier match

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Depends on team sometimes we have full Gold old players team and then lose because am the only one building spawnpoints and yes am a noob started when steam release and I don’t get it why old players come to low tier and don’t even try to win by building spawnpoints or at least bringing trucks???


Yeah, and it gets annoying when you build a rally at a reasonably obvious flanking position, but squads only spawn there maybe once or twice.