Allows players to complete pass missions from custom mod battles

There are already players have suggested getting certain rewards or XP from custom battles.

I think it’s also very important to complete the daily pass quests, so I’ll add that here.

Considering that players can already complete quests from custom rooms in normal maps, I think players should also be allowed to complete daily quests from rooms with custom game modes.

If you are worried about players engaging in unreasonable farm behaviors, you can restrict them through some rules


but tommy i just finish my quest from doing custom game so isnt this already in game? oh and it was hazy night you know the gun game mod so im pretty sure it a thing.

Are you sure? Please try again to confirm.?

I think the developers may probably know the exact . . @Helper Can we?


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I tested right now in a gun game, tasks didn’t complete


The miraculous flame suddenly disappeared :face_holding_back_tears:

im gonna try today cause i swear it work but not rn i will come back to tell
ok just try it myself and yea it didnt work idk what happen that day when i play hazy night i guess i was a little “hazy” hehe anyway it didnt work

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Allows players to complete pass missions from custom mod battles

1: Easy to make a mission, to exploit
2: You couldn’t complete tasks related to vehicles (unless it has players of course)

However, sound mods could also be used to make exploits, cheats and they are (for now) allowed. So i don’t know. I support the idea, but without developer approved missions, don’t see it happening