Allow Type 96 and Type 99 to use telescopic sights

Since you are adding captured mgs from China to Japan, that will most likely make the Type 96 and Type 99 mgs irrelevant, as the Ke7 is not a top-fed mg. Can the Type 96 and Type 99 at least have the option to use 2.5x telescopic sights? The 2.5x telescopic sights were removable, so if people prefer iron sights, they can just remove the telescopic sights.

Type 96


Type 99


96 and 99 are not too strong i do not see a problem so long as the large capacity German and USSR guns don’t get them

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Their telescopic sights were for tripod mounts.


so long as it doesn’t prevent the japanese from getting the type 92 and the allies from getting the lewis gun I don’t see why not…

I thought the type 92 was the mg nest that Engineer ll could build.

I’m referring to the type 92 light machinegun, or whatever the “ground version” of the lewis gun the IJN used on their attackers.

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