Allow Modders to create Folders Within Prefabs

the prefab is one of the best feature that we got so far, and truly a time savior.

but, as i’m someone who creates soldiers, variations of buildings, custom buildings, variations of structures ( for example, Desks with different objects placed on top, different garages, different cars, etc )

it kinda gets cluttered and almost creates and endless list.

i’m gratefull for the search function, but i’d wish being able to create folders to keep things organized and simple.

so yeah, if possible, it would be great if modders could create/manage folders inside.
( because i tried, but the UI does not read nor allows me to select folders )

it doesn’t have to be a new entire UI or what else, but just being able to create folders inside the prefab folder, and the game recognize them.
something like:

and from the game, there will be folders that if i click, it will open them and let me see all saved prefab.