Allow for an option to enable it or not for that imcoming squads restrictions from being implemented, in custom games

And allow players to spend money in to open squads with more than 10 slots.

I’m fed up with the zany variations changes for arcade game modes.

Banning players from using squads they already own is not a good change to the game.

More flexible rules should be used to allow players to make all choices.

Since custom players can already edit their custom profiles in the editor.

There should be the same freedom of rules for players own profiles in custom gamemodes!

Profiles have things that players pay for, and I don’t think it’s good practice to prohibit players from choosing to combine and use them.

For example, Make a switch button that allows players to disable that 2 squads rule



not disable it.

allow for an option to enable it or not.

and a node for mods too ( similar to the HUD / respawn types ones).

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