All my posts are removed . .why?

As I said above ,all posts are clean so great moderators claning all what they think and not like . Another quest …why so few posts on this forum ?


You used the “suggestion” tab. It’s taken (more or less) seriously here. If you use the “mess room” tab, you can post about anything, really.

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No post of your are removed, just a post were you tell people to don’t play was Hidden by community flag

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how do u report cheating - as do u need to send a video or something cos I’ve tried, but nothing happened n the payer is still cheating has x-ray vision thru building smoke tanks and is able to kill from his spawn point tanks which don’t even appear no direction of shot shows wheres its coming from is also behind the line of advanced which should penailse the player he sat their nothing happen to him -

If you don’t have the ability to report in game (for example you left or confirmed it after). Provide a timestamp of the evidence and a link to the game’s replay (along with the username) and DM one of the forum moderators.

Replay Portal can be found here: Enlisted
Forum moderator list can be found here: About - Enlisted

are you playing custom matches? cause i dont see you have played recently in regular ones?

No custom games also.
Probably forum name ≠ game name

ive played in both i cant se why its not showing up weirdly yeah customs games I’ve played both Allied e n axis good fun but the Russians I never been able to play in Custom even when selected them
they seem also slow when you spirit compared to Japan Germany us
it may just be the server but they were running but not moving as if they were in mid air today

i rhubarb bandit in all games not cicero just use that for forum to post questions
Another thing using artillery anti-tank gun I cant seem to move it or re-arm it I’ve tried to do what the help guide says but nope they walk up to gun but wont move it or re-arm it I’m not sure what to do not sure if its me not getting it right I can fire the guns and anti air but cant seem to reload them anti air you cant move I assume once u build it

For reloading AT and AA, use an engineer and select the hammer, aim at the structure and press and hold T (on pc) for reload.
Your AI can not do that for you.

Your AI by themselves can not move the AT cannon for you.
You can move an AT cannon by yourself but it works better with help from your AI.
When you use an AT, an AI from your squad will join you, unless they are ordered to stand somewhere else.
He will help reload faster (only the shell in the barrel, not the full reload of the weapon which only you as an engineer can) and also help you move the cannon.
From the Combat position (1 on pc), select the March position (2 on pc).
Then just move the cannon with WASD, but note moving can be difficult and inaccurate depending on the terrain.
Then select 1 for Firing position and blast away.

AA cannot be moved once it has been built.