Admire your gun in battle

I think we can add a feature to the game, like other gunfighting games, where you can push a button and turn the gun back and forth to appreciate the details, which would add to the gameplay and make it more engaging.


well ignoring turning back and forth technically the free view button C semi does this a bit


Imo Weapon check should be automatic after 30s of inactivity or keeping R pressed


It would be a neat feature, but logistically difficult with the sheer amount of weapons that would have to be animated.


Personally, I don’t like the idea, as it just encourages more weapon skins, which is the LAST thing they need to be worrying about right now.


i dont think it would be difficult. you would just need to insert hand animation that would move weapon models so you can see them. they dont need custom animations.

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That’s true, it wouldn’t really be unique though since it would just be the same animation for every weapon.

I would also like the AI to do a bit of movement while we are on the main menu. Just a little nod of the head or a simple repositioning of the weapon can add a lot of life to these otherwise mundane characters. Like what they do in Hell Let Loose. But the animation as a whole needs an overhaul if the game is planning to go on Steam or Epic Games Store in the near future. This should be one of the focus areas following the release of the merge update.