Adds a simple Star Game button match for Custom Games

Add an auto-match button for current or future Custom Games, players can set some simple conditions, such as campaigns as matching conditions, allowing players to quickly and easily automatically query and team up to join the battle in the desired custom room



( if a helper or anyone sees this, i’d like for them to see this one as well: Custom Matches - Improvements and Custom matches additions all changes included the one above are absolutely needed )


Some big improvments needs to be done after these big changes that are coming.
Custom battles will be a key to keep all players happy.
Today ppl tend to think about custom battles as chaos, inhistorical hodgepodges and all kind of mods.

They need to make some constant pinned lobbies (with some authority) that resembles of todays campaigns.
These lobbies (actually more like servers) are made by devs and would works excatly as todays campaigns.

This + all good suggestions from @ErikaKalkbrenner already posted.


the title should be

< Adds a simple Start Game button match for Custom Games>