Add more Bolt-Action Rifles

Bolt-action rifles are often disregarded in this game and shamed as useless. However WW2 was not fought with M2 Carbines and Stgs alone. Bolt-actions played an incomprehensible huge part and were the backbone of every single country (except America). Every weapon type has its place on the battlefield, from your bolt action all the way up to assault rifles.

Germany probably had the largest variety of bolt-actions from all their occupied territories, but regardless every faction has its share of bolt actions that could be added to the game.

Point is don’t let bolt-actions be left in the dust. New bolt actions could be added as some neat Premium or event squads, event weapons, or just as regular unlocks in the research tree for flavor. Not to mention just like many other weapons, there may be variants as well such as carbines, long rifles, snipers, rechambers, etc

Here are just some bolt-actions that could be added:

Krag-Jorgensen, Norwegian service rifle and produced for the occupying Germans

Karabinek wz. 1929, modernized Polish service rifle, was produced for occupying Germans after Poland was conquered

M1903 Bushmaster Carbine, Springfield carbine designed for jungle warfare, named after the 158th Infantry Regiment who used the rifle for training while stationed in Panama who later did see combat in the Pacific, could be a Pacific premium/event squad

M1917 Enfield X-Force Carbine, shortened rifle given to the “X-Force”, an expeditionary Chinese group sent to help the British fight the Japanese in Burma, could be something for the Pacific

35M Puska, modernized Hungarian service rifle

FN Model 24, Belgian service rifle, captured by Germans

Geweer M.95, Dutch service rifle, was the standard weapon of the Dutch East Indies, captured by Germans, could be an Axis Gold order for both Germany and Japan

G40K , experimental shortened carbine of the Kar98k

Kar98k Paratrooper, experimental take-down variant that was designed for Paratroopers, similar to the Japanese Type 100 Para rifle, could be for a new Paratrooper squad

Lee-Enfield No. 5 Mk I “Jungle Carbine”, made in Britain, shortened carbine of the Lee-Enfield No.IV Mk I, was designed for British forces in the Pacific BUT only saw service with some Paratroopers in Europe, got the nickname “Jungle Carbine” for its service in Asia AFTER the war, so I would say it could be for a new EUROPEAN British paratrooper squad

Lee-Enfield No. 6 Mk 1 Jungle Carbine, developed in Australia, shortened carbine of the SMLE Mk III, it was intended to see service in the Pacific and was almost formally adopted but the war ended, this should only be in the Pacific campaigns


it is already in the game as an event squad

just letting you know

I know :wink:

still missing the kar 98B

Agreed. More bolts! Less Full Autos!


Mauser Tankgewehr M1918

Mauser Tankgewehr M1918 - Wikipedia

we may as well have this stuff then so we actually have something useful instead of just more bolt action rifles or exploring more armor piercing weapons.


I could see that being a Gold Order for Berlin or maybe a prem/event squad, but………

Bolt actions are not useless

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Tell that to the Hordes of people carrying PPSH and AS-44 model 5 and Fedorov.

And no matter what you tell yourself we all know end game is gonna become a nightmare and if you look hard enough it almost looks like the Germans are fighting Germans in Berlin with the equipment load out for the Soviets.


Skill issue


You can’t hold a corridor with a bolt action rifle when it comes to end game It makes sense for low BR but not end game level BR.

That is type 100 rifle not kar 98k


We have the panzerbushe

That piece of junk takes too long to reload And I’m better off bludgeoning someone to death with it and that thing needs a buff and damage as well.

Well the t-gewehr would probably kill the user or atleast injure him due to the lack of recoil control

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Players still tend to use automatic weapons because they are strong. No one will use a bolt action rifle after they have a semi-automatic or full automatic weapon, unless the game forces them to do so.
Speaking of this, I will continue to sell my proposal about BR system: it is to determine the matchmaking result based on the total sum of all weapons’ BR in your infantry squad. Under this system, in order to limit your total weapon BR to a certain range, you will consider to equip some bolt action rifles with low BR instead of high BR automatic weapons. This matching system will help players to equip an infantry squad more historically, rather than being full of AVT40 and AS44.

The Japanese exists with the anti tank weapon and the Soviets with the zombie Fedorov and We can do anything in this game at this point

It was the standart at gun of ija so i dont understand your point ?


I was replying to his comment and how magical this game is so I don’t see why we should care about the small details at this point.

i think he is pointing out how absurd it is for a solider to be shoulder firing a 50 kilo weapon

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