Add M22 Airborne Tank or MK VII Lighter Tank as Allied Airborne Squad's New mechanism or equipment

Those Airborne Tanks joined The Operation Overlord and Operation Varsity in WWII, I think it will be fun if we can let these light vehicles land in enemy’s area.


I speak only for myself i would love do it


So the german get a Pz II Luchts and LG40 recoiless cannon?


You’ll have to give the germans/soviets/japanese a similar thing to counterbalance it. I’m also curious as to how that would affect the armour units (2 for each side)

Good idea! German also need special equipment, not just Italian.

DF said A new mechanism will be applied to the Soviet airborne squad, So why not just add something fun and special to US?

They would need to implement gliders first as they would land by glider not parachute

why do the allied paratroopers need more cursed stuff they can already drop down with six weapons with 100 rounds so why do they need more stuff or do we want to turn end game into an absolute nightmare.

Umm…German can also get something new, right?

No we don’t need more paratrooper spam we need more infantry stuff because I can already see end game becoming a nightmare with Calliope spam and HVAR rocket spam So I don’t think we need more different flavors of paratrooper spam for end game.

The Calliope is a meme tank. You just have to shoot the rocket rack and it instantly dies.

Think about big picture and teamwork and also keep in mind the end game is actually a thing Especially when new BR goes into effect.

I would like to point out that Battlefield 2042 played around with this concept in their game.

It caused a lot of problems, and it would in Enlisted as well.

Think about it this way:
What happens if the tank lands on a rooftop?
Could become nearly impossible to kill by watching the only entry point with an HE shell loaded.
Could become stuck and tie up one of the tank slots that the team needs to win.

or panzer 2h

m22 has only 37mm so i dont think it would be that bad. just dont let it land on roofs

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i wouldnt call it an meme tank because it is actually pretty good. It can clear objectives easily and it also has 75mm cannon to fight against tanks making it one of the best US tanks after jumbo and 76 sherman

We do not need more flavors of misery for end game especially if it comes in paratrooper flavor.

A large, bulky glider with long wings in flight, coming in to land on a runway. It is casting a shadow to its right on the runway. Fields can be seen behind it, and there are trees and bushes in the background.

A Hamilcar Mark I glider in flight. Hamilcars were used to transport the Locust into battle.

the problem is airborne does not mean airdropped so they would either need to add gliders or airfields to any may they were included airborne does not mean parachute

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I am

Barely exists in this game. People can´t even be bothered to mark tanks so you don´t drive into one. Let alone go out of their way to protect you even a little. Depending on wich campaign they might even want to stay away from you as far as possible.

It´s pretty good on paper but it relies a bit too much on the stupidity of it´s enemies not shooting the gigantic weakspot. Even more so if it´s future BR forces it to fight against people, that aren´t that stupid or is on the same BR as the BF110 with 37mm. Even without that it´s vulnerable against every german tank in the game except the Panzer 2 maybe. Also no indirect fire is a big negative.

yes please. Not only is it cool in general, but I would love to try and drop tanks ontop of camping enemy tanks and rally points :stuck_out_tongue: Relive the old BF 2 days trying to drop supply crates on a hill camper!!!