Add a third template that gives the ability to allow both custom profiles & players profiles active at the same time


today i come with another suggestion that i think would benefit some mods.

and that is;

Allow custom profiles & players profile enabled at the same time


well, there are a couple of mods where we would like to offer the players to use their equipment if they chose so, and at the same time, use personal perefered modder’s flavor of units or make them try something unique.

an example would be, let modders create enforcement units behind scores and let the player use them alongside their normal squads.

as bonus units.

for example, KV-85, churchill AVRE, Flame Panzer III etc.

specialized construction engineers with different type of buildings etc

or, mechanized units.
where there are 4 soldiers and a jeep, or 8 soldiers and a truck and so on.

or, for new beginners in my pves, if they don’t have equipment to compete at higer difficulties, i would love to let them chose some units from the profiles.

and in thommy’s big action mod to prevent the loss of those vehicles while limiting them behind the score feature.

that’s basically it.

Q & A

Wouldn’t be easier to just place those vehicles? or set a spawn?

for vehicles, somewhat yes.
but the idea behind this suggestion, is to minimize size in the main blk ( because custom vehicles made through blks can be sometimes many lines depending on decorations and features )

but, this cannot be done for entire squad of appearance / weapons.

as those take fps, time and above all, space in the blk.

additionally, as a form of balancement.

so that players will have to earn enough points to use that said special vehicle or, special squad.
and would avoid the situations where that specific vehicle has been used but cannot be respawned as it has been blowed up.

or, avoid those type of tanks to be used more than once due to being placed on the map and accessible to everyone.

can’t you just make separate version?

i could, but then for the previous point, in the match with players profile i wouldn’t be able to make players able to use special squads and what not.

how would it work?

that’s… a nice question.

i was thinking perhaps to add profile squads down below the players one.

so if they care and chose, they will just have to scroll a bit.

as it goes for modders and players,

i believe there should be a template that will essentially be an extender.



where you will have to insert the custom made player profile.

i hope make sense and it’s easy to follow.

if you gents have more questions, feel free to ask them.


anything to empower you modders :+1:


Very much agree .

It’s important to use profiles on oir personal account, especially if those premium things or custom decal.

Base on the personal profile. additional preset squads can be added for gamemode gameplay expansions.

For example

  • 0 spawnCost to deploy a pure bolt-action rifle squad.

  • 5000 spawnCost to deploy a AVRE


I think this kind of patch for profiles should be based on different factions. (use; usa; ger; …etc)


it’s a long way ( to tipperary :musical_note: )

before i’ll be ever able to reach that point.

but, i’m sure it would greatly improve some mods of others :slight_smile:


you are already modifying and piecing together custom stuff! You will only get better. you are a Modder!!!

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my problem isn’t partially the lack of knowledge necessary ( even though, yeah. not even close to thommy )

but i can’t upload my mods because are too heavy for enlisted flow ( in terms of size ) & customs do not allow to host pves.

so yeah. gonna be years before i’ll be able to do anything that i originally planned.

( you’d think in a editor advertised where you should have been able to do anything… would actually let you do just that. but i digress )