About the official website page of the game

In Chinese Mainland, the official website of the game turned into this when it was opened, which made it impossible for me to view the pictures in the news and download the replay. Does anyone know why?

When I have this issue, usually, refreshing solves it. Otherwise, maybe clear browser cache?

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I think the problem is that you are on the Chinese mainland and they don’t want KMT troops in Enlisted, who did the vast majority of the fighting against Japan. That is just a wild theory. Lets rewrite it all together :wink:

possible problems

  1. your browser/addons are interfering. solution try another browser to see if problem is in your browser
  2. great firewall of china problem
  3. vpn problem
  4. local server that you are accessing is broken
  5. if you are having problem with other sites, check your system date/time (incorrect time can break some sites cause of various security issues)