About the game mods http/error

Every time I want to download a mod I don’t know why it always says “http/error”

For me it says modsmemorylimit

Are you sure that your link is correct? You can put link using CTRL + V on keyboard.

It would be nice to add video or at least screenshot. And more better if you do full bug report in CBR.
(Add screenshots and logs from game folder).

(Solved in private messages).

Probably to fix this problem need to clean/remove httpCache that inside mods folder. You can find mods in downloads that in AppData enlisted folder. Full path to this httpCache will be like it: C:\Users\Admin (may be different, but not public or default)\AppData\Local\enlisted\downloads\mods.

Maybe sometimes AppData can be hidden.

To open it you can use windows search. Just write %appdata%.

thank you u saved my life. literally

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