A question and potential bug regarding MM tiers

So, after getting into a match two days ago, running at BR 2 but matched at BR 5, I started trying to figure out what might have caused this. I was sure all my gear was the right BR, but then today, I see the “join any team” checkbox and wonder:

“What happens if I’m matching US at BR 2, but my Germans or Russians are at BR 5?”

So, what happens? Cuz that could be the reason for the fuckery with MM.

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Ya, your not alone in seeing this, I have had it happen several times already using this line up:

So you can do everything right and still get tossed in the deep end

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Ah, but what are your lineups for the other countries? What I’m saying is, if any of them are BR 3+, the game might be fucking up your MM tier because the “Join any team” button exists, even if you don’t have it selected

I made all my countries BR 2, and haven’t had a BR4+ match since

I definitely didnt have “Join all teams” when i went into Tiger fest with BR2 usa

That’s what I’m saying though, I don’t think you have to have it actually selected to have a high BR russian/german lineup you’re not using fuck up the MM for your BR 2 USA.

I don’t think the MM is smart enough to realize you’re not using that BR 5 team, because you could be if you clicked that ‘join any’ button, see?

All I’m saying is I haven’t been matched outstide of the advertised mechanics since making sure all of my nations were at the same MM BR

Brilliant bit of deductive reasoning there .

I will give it a go, TY

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