A blessing from the lord!


I’m super jealous it’s not going to happen to me even in 10 million years :frowning: only silvers and boosters in close to 30 boxes


This is after months of nothing but boosters for me, if it makes you feel any better


I’m honestly not sure what to get with it. I already have, like, 2 Breda PGs. Maybe the Gorov?

t20 is really good also


I am pretty sure it’s rigged, or at least mine was. Nothing for 180 days straight, then one of each gold order back to back, now I’m back to another 180 days of nothing. I kind of just hold onto the gold orders until what I like is getting removed…

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I’ve also had it a few months ago! Very happy. Hope to get it again at some point.

Apparently it offers nothing new over the AVT-40 except a larger mag.
I still plan to get it for its coolness though. Will give to the engineer in the SMG squad from Moscow where you have to add your own engineer/weapon. The engineer there doesn’t have MG building capabilities but a Gorov might make it feel that way.


Wow, I might be lucky, I got a gold weapon order and a gold vehicle order in six month.

I spend the weapon one on a T20 (Best US weapon imo) and the vehicle one on the T-34 STZ which is disapearing with the merge.

I think that Gorov is meh because it has most of the penalty related to it being an MG (even though it can be equipped by a lot of classes)