3rd anniversary of mounting system (bipods)

Around this time in the year 2021, mounting system was introduced to the enlisted for the first time.
Since then it has remained a very bugged and not functional system. Most notable of problems through this time were:

  • problems with mounting the gun
  • very limiting fire angles
  • not decreasing recoil
  • increasing dispersion

On this occasion, I’d like to wish it a happy birthday, to cause joy via being a meme and to never change (please do). :birthday:



I always liked current bipod system because it’s anti camper.

Its hard to believe that somehow Reto had a working bipod system in H&G but DF can’t implement that in Enlisted and yet its true.


Using bipods doesnt make you camper. Machineguns are supposed to be used with the bipod


exactly, I hope that if we ever have working bipods the flow of the game will change a bit. I would like enlisted to be more of a positional game than mindlessly pushing forward. Of course, there will definitely be those who will camp, but we already have enough tools to outmaneuver them.


:fire: :fire: :fire: i’d recon we definitely can reach a 5th anniversary too :fire: :fire: :fire:


Its already that old?
Working as intended I guess.

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Why have a bipod system that doesn’t work then to begin with?

Also we already have emplacements and they aren’t even really a problem to begin with - MGs and AA guns used to be broken, but right now? Also, if anything, if someone will place its bipod down to “camp”, no matter what, people will know his position, and from close quaters to long range combat, countering a stationary target doesn’t seem crazy difficult to me.

Working bipods will mow down AI and wipe squads very fast at mid range combat, but against players I dont think its gonna break the flow of the game.


Can the dev address people’s concern about the bipod already instead of ignoring it? The developers read the forum post from time to time so either state that the bipod is functioning as intended or comment on why this bug is ignored for so long.

It’s funny the first few time when people say “Soon” or “Bipod fix” but now it’s just showing Darkflow’s apathy toward bipod fix.


Well, it’s sad anniversary, but devs aware of bipod mechanics problems.

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No offence but this doesn’t change anything.


Being aware for three years now is getting a bit old at this point.


They’re not wrong with their replies so I don’t think it’ll hurt DF too much if they could just give a simple answer whether they want bipods or not in their game