1.000.000 silver

I have over 1 million silver. WTF can I do with it?

depends on what you still need / want ?

maybe try out another faction.

Spend it all filling out two lineups


add another "0"behind it

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How do y’all even have sliver :sob:


It takes about 10 maximally reinforced Tier 5 automatic rifles to deplete it.
I once had about 5 million silver, but I used up almost all of it.


if is t3+ its going to be a single lineup sadly

Please tell me the secret to getting silver because as you can see I’m broke as F*** and I need money to upgrade my stuff

(Also, i’m new and did not play pre merge so I cannot sell legacy squads lol)

Very simple, I have been playing since CBT and had amassed a large amount of guns and infantry. Also various silver and copper cards.
It will take a lot of time to get 5 million silver now. I am the same as you.

Yeah, I probably should’ve guessed that. … I do still severely doubt that you only have 3,000 Silver, like me.

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Managed to do it twice in a span of a month, plus once at the start of the year (no screenshot, though).

About silver, if you want to earn more silver, you have to spend IRL silver, that is, buy a premium. Otherwise, turn full Scrooge and just pre-plan what you absolutely need to buy, to save money.


get time travel machine, buy loads of t3 and t4 soldiers premerge with silver orders (~1k silver now per soldier), then sell them all postmerge (for ~11k).

on other side tips on how not to be totally bankrupt in silver:

  • dont spend silver on any intermediate soldiers (like t2 soldiers or t3 soldiers). play with either t1(cause they are cheap) or t3/t4 soldiers(cause of max perk points and if you have extra silver)
  • dont buy/upgrade guns/vehicles often. there are only select few weapons/vehicles for every tier that are worth it to buy/upgrade. any non meta weapons could wait till you get loads of silver.
  • premium and battlepass help, although you will also unlock stuff twice as fast so you will have more weapons to spend money on…
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I have 3 million.

Loot crates are rumored to be coming and they might cost silver. Save for that.

I still haven’t recovered from doing a t2 and t5 lineup for US GER USSR when the merge dropped

I spend everything, thanks to which I have units fully equipped with equipment on each BR.

I am just investing my silver in building up three different line-ups with perfectly rolled soldiers for BRII, BRIII and BRV.

As I’m always tinkering with presets and such and play all 4 factions, I’m constantly out of silver. Since the merge, I would probably guess at least 10 million silver I’ve spent.

You already have a tiger 2, whatever else do you want. I personally plan my silver very carefully, and not let it dip below 400k